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Happy Monday people, hope you had a nice weekend. I spent my Sunday mostly in bed and my weekend falling back in love with Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky because the film dropped and the cuteness overload was too damn much for me (and I’m still a little sad that I don’t have one of those books left). Ultimately it was chill, I saw Incredibles 2, I ate a lot of food. It felt good. I feel ready for this week, especially creatively speaking. But enough about that and let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns).

I have another book review for you today. This book ended up in my life purely because I have no impulse control and well I was buying a couple of books anyway so what was one more?

This book was cute. If I had to sum it up in a word that would be it. It was also a interesting base insight into the world of the technical team of a theatre. It’s not that I don’t think much about them or anything, because I do almost every time I see a show, it’s that I kind of never really appreciate just how much work they actually have to do in order for the audience to see what they see every night (and twice on Wednesdays and Saturdays). Just damn.

The first thing that I really enjoyed about this book was the writing. I’ve never read a book by Maggie Harcourt before and I found her writing style  meshed well with me. It was easy to read. It was evocative at times, it was funny. It made me feel a little mushy sometimes out of the cuteness. It read really well and kinda fast (which to be honest I appreciated as I tried to claw back to being on track). It made me more interested to seek out other pieces of  her work. The cover has a pull quote of ‘the UK’s answer to Rainbow Rowell’ and well it wasn’t wrong.

Harcourt created some really great characters. I liked Hope (and I also appreciated her sisters’ names and the fact that there was a theme there). She felt like a really relatable character who just wanted to make it on her own of her own accord outside of her mother’s shadow. I mean it was obviously always going to come out that she was lying and that there would be consequences but I liked that this didn’t have one of those sad consequences endings and it basically just ended where it should, with the family being supportive of her and all that she managed to achieve. I will say in terms of her sisters that I kind of wish that there was more of a backstory there for them. Hope just didn’t like them and they didn’t really appear to like her and while the story exists in a vacuum and so it would make sense to not know about all the history it kind of felt a little needed because there didn’t appear to a single reason as to why none of them really got on with one another.

Her sisters aside I really liked the friendships that were built throughout this book, with both Priya and George. They felt grounded and real, especially the Priya one. That felt like a good representation of female friendships, I feel like I don’t see enough of them to be honest.

Not gonna lie, I quite liked the tension between Hope and Tommy. And I liked how it eased the less Tommy tried to act like a dick and Hope just tried to do her best with the hand she had been dealt. I also liked how she dealt with the whole ‘Tommy scandal’ when it came up. I feel like in some ways that she handled way better than I thought she would just because she was so wanting to be in the background. I also liked that Tommy seemed to inexplicably have Hope and Luke’s back in regards to their relationship.

Let’s move onto the love story element of it all shall we?

It was kind of a major part of the book, which I didn’t mind. However there were times when it felt a little too all or nothing which was sometimes a little intense. But that is to be expected when teens start to feel things. The date on the stage with all the effects and stuff was so cute and I liked it so much. I also liked Luke as a character in general and how he shared the same love for theatre as Hope just in a little bit of a different way. I also enjoyed how kinda awkward it all was. It felt real. I liked it.

I just really liked the whole book. It gave me all the warm fuzzy feels and it was something that I looked forward to going back to each morning/evening. I would for sure recommend it if you’re looking for this kind of contemporary book. Harcourt is a great writer and definitely one that I would look to go to in the future.

3/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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