Bonus Book Review -City of Ghosts

Hi, Hey, Hello!

This book right here signals the start of my obsession with V.E/Victoria Schwab.

This was the last book of hers to enter my life, but I started with this one because it’s the shortest and yeah I’m back to being just behind schedule for this damn reading challenge of mine.

The first thing about this book that hit me was the fact that the moment I started reading it I started getting all these autumnal feelings. It probably has something to do with the fact that there was talk about ghosts and in theory Halloween is fast approaching (not even in theory, this is actually almost imminent) and so all things autumn are acoming. I am not mad about it, this is really my time to shine (I just get to unearth all my jumpers, which behind my sportswear takes up the most amount of space…).

Given the age range that this book is aimed at it is not super challenging to read or anything (again, I needed that because this girl has a reading challenge to think about at the back of her mind) but it is super readable. Schwab has a writing style that I knew instantly I was going to get on board with for her other books.

I really liked this book as a whole, mostly because I really liked the concept of it. There was a perfect amount of confusion and intrigue that came with Cassidy’s gift (if that’s what you want to call it). This confusion came into play perfectly when she met someone who was similar to her and also seems to know what she is doing with it. And I liked the interaction between them and how there was always a slight tension between them that existed but was forgotten when help was needed.

I really loved the setting of this book. Like so much. It had that slightly gothic feel to it and that really added to narrative of the story as a whole. Also I love the fact that the set up of this series means that it is going to dot around to different cities and you can get a feel for the  supernatural in other countries. But back to this one, which is set in Scotland and therefore is kind of gothic. It led nicely to all things spooky, especially when they were underground in the catacombs and shit went down. I just really enjoy it when story and setting marry together perfectly.

Moving on to characters. Firstly, I liked Jacob. I liked the reveal that he was a ghost. I liked the fact that he was just tethered to Cassidy in some way and the way that they interacted with one another. It felt like such a great friendship even though there were still secrets that needed to be revealed to one another. I am also interested to see how it develops and I knew that I was invested in this friendship when I worried that Jacob as a ghost would not be able to do Trans-Atlantic travel.

Cassidy herself was great. I mean she had some annoying traits, but they can be expected when the main character is a child who is still finding her way in the world. Also, I don’t know if it’s the adult in me but every time she ran off and away from her parents I found myself just getting stressed for the parents wondering where the hell their daughter got to. I found the relationship that she had with her parents interesting just because you could sense the element of frustration that she would have when it comes to almost following in her parents shadow.

I really enjoyed watching Cassidy become more confident in herself and her surroundings and her ability. I also loved the fact that she lived her life with a camera and how that was a saviour.

One thing about Little Miss Red, the supposed Big Bad, she was kind of better in theory. But she was still a good villain for this first book.

I enjoyed this book. I am excited to see what the second one might bring and the adventures of Cassidy and her ghost best friend. I’m interested to see how she develops and also what crazy new stories her parents manage to discover.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!


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