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We all know how much I love a tag and I’ve lost track of which ones I have and haven’t done. However I saw this over on Joie’s blog and it didn’t look familiar so here it is.

Series or Standalone?
I start way too many damn series’ for me to pretend that I prefer standalones. Don’t get me wrong, I do. They stress me out less and save me money, but I love a series so much. I lover getting to sit with characters and watch them develop over time.

Magic Earned or Magic Born?
Let me tell you how much I love reading about people not realising that they possess some kind of magical powers but finding out over the course of the book that there is something gong on with them. So as such, magic born.

Enemies-to-Lovers or Friends-to-Lovers?
Enemies to lovers. I hate it when friends can’t just stay friends, that happens sometimes people just remain friends throughout everything. I’d like to see that happen more…so enemies to lovers, that’s more interesting. And also, not something I think I’ve read that much.

Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin?
I like a little bit of both sometimes. Mostly hilarious banter, but sometimes emotional ruin is really satisfying.

Love Triangle or Insta Love?
I hate both. I hate both so much. But, if a love triangle is done well that it can be brilliant and it doesn’t make me want to gauge my eyes out. Insta love will most likely always drive me insane, just breathe a little bit.

Keyboard-Smash Fantasy Names or All Names Start With the Same letter?
I am interested as to how far you could go with all the names starting with one letter. It feels like it could be fun.

Mean Parents or Dead Parents?
It’s harsh, but dead. Mean ones are just excessive. I mean it can work in some situations, but in others it just feels awful to read.

Supermodel Looks or Constantly Says How ‘Plain’ They Are?
I hate it when characters are described as plain and then it’s somehow supposed to be a miracle that they can do x, y or z. Why does it matter? Why must it constantly be mentioned? I mean the other option isn’t much better. There needs to be a middle ground.

Face on Covers or Typography on Cover?
Typography to be honest, or some kind of graphic. Unless it’s a movie cover I tend to prefer it when they are kind of a blank cover. I am a total sucker for a pretty cover, give them all to me. The prettier the better.

Villain Turning A Little Good or Hero Turning A Little Bad?
Villain turning a little good all day every day. I am such a weird sucker for that, give it to me always.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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