2018 Reading Challenge, Book 36 – The Uncommon Type

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So I finished another book. It feels like it’s been a while, but it hasn’t. It has however been a while since I started reading this book.

It was threatening to send me into some kind of slump and so I went on a V.E Schwab thing instead and also I’m kind of waiting for Vengeful to drop and I need books to fill that time. Finishing this book felt like a good place to start.

So Tom Hanks can write. Like really well. I enjoyed his style of writing. He managed to encapsulate so much in his short stories. I like the way that he played with form at some points, I particularly enjoyed his articles. I also liked that there was a running theme of typewriters throughout. It felt like a nice thread throughout them all.

I will say that some worked better than others. A few of them felt like they dragged on for longer than was really necessary and it was that which threatened to send me straight into a reading slump and I am just luck that I had some stuff in the locker to keep me from falling into that completely. And then, when I did come back to it it was with a renewed enjoyment for it.

I liked the fact that he returned to some characters throughout and now each story revealed something new about those characters each time. I especially enjoyed the last story that involved them and the fact that the stories that opened and closed the book included them. It felt very tidy.

That’s honestly the word that I’d use to describe this book the most. It was tidy. Obviously it’s a book of short stories and so there would have to be a level of things being succinct in order to work, but these were very tidy. Some of them managed to pack a real punch in those tidy little stories.

Like I said, some went on too long (it was actually maybe only one, but it felt like it went on for hours). I mentioned it earlier, but this book played with form. The screenplay felt like it went on for a bit (so there were two) and to be honest I still don’t really know what happened. I liked the articles the most because they were short and snappy. They were also the funniest of them I found.

The stories in here varied a lot. It was hard to get bored (except those two times that I did) because each one has something else to offer and there are some really great stories in there.

Hanks surprised me as a writer. And I love a theme. Especially a typewriter theme it turns out.

I would recommend this books to be honest. I couldn’t say that I would recommend them all, but there are some really great ones in there. Hanks got skills.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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