2018 Reading Challenge, Book 37 – Fight Club

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I’ve got another book for you today. It’s what I do, I read books then I write about them. This book also helped me pass time while I waited for Vengeful to arrive (which I won’t write about until November).

I have gone pretty much my entire life (since my teen years) knowing that the first and second rule of fight club s that you don’t talk about fight club and that Brad Pitt just looks some kind of way in the film. I’ve never watched it and until last week I hadn’t read it either.

Given that I’ve crossed one of them off my list, I can now move to cross the other off as well.

2018 Reading Challenge, Book 39 - Fight Club
2018 Reading Challenge, Book 39 – Fight Club

But back to the book.

I remain kind of surprised by how much I actually like Palahniuk’s work. For some reason in my head he falls into the same category as Bukowski. But he doesn’t. I actually kind of like him.

Look sometimes his writing style is erratic as hell, but in the context of this book that actually kind of makes sense, but still. Sometimes I just got so lost in the train of thought it kind of made my head hurt.

In a good way.

I enjoyed this book. I got through it relatively quickly. Actually I say ‘enjoy’ I don’t really know if that is quite the word that I’d use, but I liked it I guess.

It was brutal. Not even some of the time, but like, all of the time. The more lost he got in his own head the more brutal it got. Which to be honest I found impressive because it was pretty brutal from the get go.

There is not a single character in this book has any redeemable features. They continued to level up in the depths of awfulness that they could reach. It was impressive.

I will say that I knew the plot twist and so it wasn’t new to me but the moment where it was revealed was so well done. It was so messy yet so clear and everything just kind of clicked into place. Then it got brutal in a different way.

The whole narrative blended and confused everything between Tyler and the protagonist (who’s name I thought I just couldn’t remember, but turns out its hardly mentioned, and by hardly I mean it wasn’t) to make them seem separate but then once it’s revealed that Tyler is a figment it throws the rest of the book into a totally different light. I love shit like that.

I kind of knew that I would like this book (even when I got the style of writing confused with someone else…) because I liked Choke and this book did prove to be something that I did like. And it was a quick read, gotta love that. The ending confused the hell out of me, but whatever.

(Listen, this book is also hella problematic and I’m not ignoring that, but also contextually, it was kind of supposed to be awful. It’s supposed to show how depraved and fucked up the human psyche and human beings can be and it succeeded. I could write essays on how problematic it is, but it’s a well written and I can’t deny that.)

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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