Letters to Autumn 20

Letters to Autumn 20

Dear Autumn,

I have not had a dream in a hot minute and I mean that literally. Not in a maybe I’ve hd a dream but just can’t remember way, in a legit I just hardly ever dream kind of way.

But this week.

They’ve been almost nightly for some reason.

And they’ve been a weird blend of shit that could actually happen and stuff that would never happen in a million years. A strange combination of people I see in my day to day life and famous people. Somehow all existing on the same plane in the areas that I frequent on a relatively regular basis. Which just wouldn’t make any sense.

None of it really makes any sense.

At all.

And what is even weirder is that I can remember them really vividly for hours after I’ve woken up. I can still remember the craziness that went down last Saturday’s dream. The one that I had last night was just bizarre. They’ve all been very weird.

Also they’ve all been weirdly draining.

They feel like they’ve kept me awake even while I’ve been asleep. I’ve been very active in my dreams. There’s been a lot of walking involved. And a sometimes there was some crime solving going on, and like the news featured heavily. But  never any good news or anything, it was like an amplified version of the shittiness that happens in reality. Which is a lot. And also because it exists in the weird contained world of a dream it was just very intense.

It also means that waking up is fucking strange. And hard. And annoying. And hard.

I used to be low key annoyed that I didn’t seem to dream all that much but now that the dreams seems to be sticking around I think I would take the dreamless sleeping. At least it feels like I’m getting a rest…

Love,Main sign off

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