Letters to Autumn 28

Letters to Autumn 28

Dear Autumn,

Update: my shoulders still hurt. I mean, again, it’s to be expected because today was weights day, but that’s a different thing entirely.

The clocks went back today which means that I got an extra hour in bed and therefore got nearly 11 hours sleep which was so very much needed. I mean I woke up at 9 because my body kind of knew that it was technically 10 and so I would need to gear up to getting out of bed, but I didn’t have to get up for 90 minutes and I enjoyed those 90 minutes. Nearly 11 hours, that amount of sleep is almost unheard of for me these days.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the tube today, which is fine because it’s not like anything today was super high pressure or anything, I mean I wasn’t commuting and the tubes weren’t all that busy because it’s Sunday. I also got to read some poetry on the journey which pulled me apart and then put me back together again, so that you for that one amanda lovelace.

I’ve also quite enjoyed being lazy. I use the term lazy kind of loosely because I did do a 45 minute weight session and I’ve done over 10,000 steps, but I’ve also been in bed since 3:45 just eating and watching Netflix.

I’ve caught up on The Good Place and started Dancing Queen which is the kind of light and frothy that I need. I’ve also caught up on all things Halloween on Instagram which is as close as I’m gonna get with engaging with this time of year.

I’ve also kind of started thinking about the books I have left to read for the year because I’m so close to the final 10 and that’s a crazy thought because it means the end of the year is shockingly close.

But I’m not gonna think about that too much at the moment. Focus on the now. And the fact that next week means that the start of that whole 50,000 words in a month thing is about to begin…


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