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2019 – Damn

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So, here we are in a new year. How the hell did that happen?

2018 seemed to fly by in a really terrifying fashion. This past week or so as we reached that fun period of time between Christmas and New Year where time makes no sense there have been a lot of reflective posts about the year just gone.

And so here is mine:

1) I gained weight and didn’t totally hate myself for it. I’ve gained nearly 7kg, most of it’s gone to my legs which I’m not mad at and I’m still going with it at a snail’s pace because my metabolism is no joke yo. But the point is I did it and am doing it and I’m enjoying just eating all the food.

2) I feel back in love with cardio. Or more accurately in love with cardio. I kind of did it because I felt I had to for a little bit then my own brain decided I couldn’t do it, so I didn’t. And then I got out of my own way and this last year I have found a new appreciation for it. If a week isn’t as training heavy the last ones to go are usually my cardio days (Wednesday and Saturday) which isn’t a position I thought I would ever find myself in, but there you go.

3) I read 70 books. And then when I finished that final book I kind of fell into that reading slump I had somehow avoided all year. So I’m still making my way through a Donna Tartt book, because her books are dense and you need to be on top form, not coming off reading 70 other books.

4) My mental health improved massively. 2017 was not good for me mentally and I spent a lot of that year breathing my way out of panic attacks or crying in toilets. Last year I only cried in the toilets a handful of time and the panic attacks limited themselves to once a month occurrences. I consider it a win.

5) I saw more theatre. And when I say that I mostly mean musicals. But there were a lot of shows in there that I haven’t seen before. Downloading TodayTix last year was dangerous, but also amazing. I kind of want to continue the trend again this year.

And there are some of my highlights from 2018. I have a renewed sense of energy about this year at the moment, I’m excited by the possibilities.

Let’s do this.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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