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So the task today sounded pretty simple, in my head I was like ‘oh this is easy’, but then I realised that I had to think of 23 things and then somehow I started panicking about it. Not a legitimate kind of panic, just a kind of thing where I don’t know if I can make it 23 things. But I’m basically going to try and they range from super trivial to very deep (also this is not a letter because there are only so many that I can address to myself without feeling like I’m having an existential).

1)My sweet tooth is my downfall.

2) That I actually do know how to cook.

3) My sense of direction is somehow both fine and truly awful.

4) I should probably have stuck to not liking coffee because goodness is caffeine a problem for me now.

5) I have next to no musical talent.

6) I can read a book really fast if I put my mind to it.

7) There is absolutely nothing wrong with what I look like. That just took  21 years to fully understand.

8) Starting a blog was the best idea that I ever had.

9) If I really put my mind to it, I can make a pretty decent coffee. Like latte art and all.

10) Malibu is not my drink.

11) I get more diva-ish about jewellery the older I get.

12) There is nothing I like more than having absolutely no plans at all.

13) I probably cannot be all that spontaneous. I need at least an hour’s notice for small things and a full 24 hours for ‘big’ things. It keeps the anxiety in check.

14) Exercise isn’t actually the worst thing in the world, but running will always be the devil to me. I’m just not designed for it.

15) I am a really good binge watcher…I don’t know why that feels like a lesson learned, but it does.

16) I retain a lot of really useless information.

17) The perfect cocktail of shampoo, conditioner and product to tame my hair and make me not hate it completely anymore.

18) I like setting challenges for myself. Even if I always hit a wall with them and then hate myself for setting them in the first place. The satisfaction at the end of them is always great.

19) I’m getting better at cutting the things that I know will annoy me out of my life.

20) It’s not that I’m scared to try new things, it’s that I have to try the new things on my own terms and can’t cope with it when people try to force things on me.

21) Not doing history at uni for my degree is up there as one of the best decisions I have ever made.

22) I am really good at planning fantasy holidays.

23) That I can make it through 100% of my truly bad days.

And that’s that done. Here’s to learning more things!

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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