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So I reached this weird limbo point if that much wasn’t obvious as I tidy up some loose book review ends and before I embark on my next blog project which shall all be revealed on Thursday. And as such my posts are a tad more random than usual.

This weird limbo point also means that I required some inspiration from somewhere because I can’t just keep breaking glass for emergency tag post. That would annoy me for some reason, there are only so many I can do. And so once I had eliminated that from my arsenal I turned to writing prompts, more specifically I turned to the SITs Girls.

And they gave me this:

What are your plans for summer?

Now I have already been on holiday this year in the ‘Spring’ and I’m maybe due to go somewhere more UK based in October and so therefore there are no ‘summer holiday’ plans. In fact I have a whole load of no plans except a wedding.

So my summer is looking pretty uneventful as it were.

So what are my plans?

Bascially GAINZ

Okay, I kind of hate myself for that whole sentence on some level, but those are honestly my plans.

My barre class updated recently and I am just not feeling it. I’ve kinda been feeling like that since the beginning of the year when I had to switch my barre and lift class around due to scheduling. By Thursday my legs are kind of already burned out and they don’t really want to then be burned out even further and I feel like I am just not getting the best of it and I’m basically just running the risk of hurting myself or something. And we don’t want that.

And then when I was doing my now usual Sunday Lift class, which I actually don’t hate being on a Sunday as much as I thought I would, I came to the sudden realisation that my chest/bicep weight has not gone up since like October time. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to push it up to 10kg, but when it comes to bicep curls my arms just die and cannot get through it. They can still barely manage 7.5kg by the end.

And I think it’s because for the most part I only do things that specifically train them once a week while I get everything else almost every time I work out. I mean I am sculpting my arms in some way when I box and there are arm tracks with some light weights in both barre and rebounding, but it’s not quite the same.

And well I’m kind of liking the slight tone and definition that my arms are slowly getting and I want to see more of it. And I also want to actually be able to make it through the whole chest and arms section with 10kg and not feel like my arms are going to fall off and realise in horror that there is still like 15 minutes left of the class and I don’t quite know if I have it in me.

The plan therefore is to switch up my current routine and up the number of weights sessions I do in a week from 1 to 2. Currently that means dropping Thursday and doing Friday because I also noticed that it’s my barbell strength that is shitty. If I have a kettlebell then I am actually fine. I think I’ve got to 12kg with a kettlebell no problem, but with an even distribution of weight on a long metal pole? I caps at being competent at 7.5kg.

It’s a weakness that I am looking to resolve or maybe not resolve but at least work on. Because it’s never going to get anywhere if I just ignore it and keep coasting where I am. Also if I work on getting my arms to lift a bit heavier it might also help me when it come to those pull and push up that I so desperately want to work on.

Basically my plans for the summer are pretty simple. They weirdly revolve around fitness because apparently I am that person now. I mean, I am not really making any huge differences, but I’m hoping this one switch for the next few months will make some kind of change to something. Maybe I’ll find out that the change is all mental and in fact I am actually capable of lifting heavier I just don’t think I am.

Time will tell.

And I’m giving it the summer to let me know.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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