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Oh look, it’s a book tag. I’ve done one of these for a hot minute, so it was about time that one made  an appearance. I saw this one here and now it is here.

Let’s do this shall we?

1. Totally should’ve gotten a sequel

To be honest, as much as sometimes I would love a sequel, I wouldn’t want one if it couldn’t keep up to par with the original. I don’t think I’m hugely into the idea of a full novel, I’d like a short story just to check in with some characters. Like how are Dimple and Rishi doing? Or Griffin? There are a lot of those like that.

2. Totally should’ve had a spin off series

Where the fuck is my Marauders’ era series? I crave this more than anything in this damn world. No joke. And I feel bad because JK Rowling is so giving sometimes with her work and I feel like I’m being greedy. But also, seriously how did that map come into existence and what is the magic behind it? How did Lily and James fall in love? How much of a dick was James really? At what point did Wormtail turn a little evil? How was he friends with the other three? How did they deal with Lupin being a werewolf? How the hell did Sirius have the power to become an animagus? Did James feels left out by this lack of ability to become a canine?

See, I have a lot of questions.

3. An author who totally should write more books

Erin. Morgernstern. Although, I hear she has something new in the works which I am (im)patiently for.

4. A character who totally should’ve ended up with someone else

I don’t think Maia should have ended up with someone else, I do however believe that she should have got her version of a happy ending. Killing Jordan didn’t really add all that much to me.

5. Totally should’ve ended differently

Okay, there are maybe other factors that feed into this decision the main one being that sitting in a universe for month and doing nothing else is a lot (binge reading is just as draining as binge watching it would seem), but War Storm’s ending just did not do it for me. Also there are so many others, I have an issue with endings, but that one springs to mind first.

6. Totally should’ve had a movie franchise

Give me a Red Queen franchise tbh. I’d watch the hell out of that.

7. Totally should’ve had a TV show

Where is my The Night Circus production? Oh also, I wanna have a slow burn Villains series. Give me Victor and Eli battling it out on a screen.

8. Totally should’ve had only one point of view

I actually can’t think of one to be honest…? I’m really greedy and I love to have perspectives as long as they work and from the top of my head I can’t think of one that I didn’t think worked.

9. Totally should’ve had a cover change

See, I don’t really require a cover change all that much. The only thing that I require is that they remain consistent across a whole series. It really annoys me when this doesn’t happen. My Red Queen series is all confusing because I have a Collector’s Edition of the first book, which is fine, but also they’re different and on some level it annoys me, even though it is my own doing. I love consistency. As long as I get that, it’s fine.

10. Totally should’ve kept the original covers

Like I said, I really don’t care as long as they match. If you’re getting rid of the initial covers but not reissuing the old ones I’m gonna have issues.

11. Totally should’ve stopped at book one

Maybe The Rosie Project. It’s not that I didn’t like the second one because I mostly did, but I didn’t think the first book really required it at the end of the day.

And there we have another book tag done, and now I go on to a little review onslaught. I mean, you all saw that one coming right?

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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