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It’s my favourite day of the week (for those of you that missed it, this is my opinion on Thursdays, although given how my Monday went it’s gonna take some beating this week as being the most annoying day). Anyway enough of that, now with the official opening of Christmas here on Keep Going I realised that I should probably keep some kind of a festive/reflective/end of year theme going through the majority of my posts for the rest of the month and then I remembered that I had no ideas for that. So I trawled around the blogosphere for a bit and stumbled across this which I have decided to adapt on the blog and have a go at. There are 31 prompts and obviously I don’t have 31 days, so I’m picking and choosing the ones I do.

Today I picked this one: What 5 things have you enjoyed most about this year?

1) Let’s just start with the big one shall we: I got a job. After just over a year of unemployment I finally entered the world of work.

2) I will mostly definitely keep on going on about this, and technically it didn’t originate this year buuuttttt a fair bulk of it did (remember June?) so continuing this little (?) bad boy has been an enjoyable endeavor this year. And one that will continue into 2016 (seriously we are barely gonna break the new year before they come back). I’m talking about the Snapshot Series.

3) While I’m talking about the blog I have enjoyed this a lot this year. It’s been through some changes over the course of the year and sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle when I get hit with writer’s block real bad. But on the whole I have loved it. And am looking forward to continuing it come the new year.

4) My Kitchen Rules: Australia. You know how yesterday I talked about how cooking shows pretty much own my soul? Well this was quite the time commitment. It turned out to be a way bigger commitment then I was prepared for when I put it on one night because I was bored and there was nothing else on. I have never cared so much about under/overcooked protein in my life (nor have I ever referred to meat and fish as protein so much). The long and short of it is that I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, but it was quite nice to get my evenings back and not worry about a score out of 10 five times a week.

5) And finally, and this isn’t because there aren’t other things that I have enjoyed this year but I’m thinking about it right now as I write this so it’s happening. I have really enjoyed the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording this year. Like really, really, really enjoyed it.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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