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I can’t even think of a clever-ish title, so you’re left with this…

Hi, hey, hello, me again.

Right so this is a thing I have learnt this week (I say learnt I mainly mean this is a thing I remembered this week) . Rolling word counts suck.

I may have mentioned once or twice that I have decided that Nano was a good idea this month, and on the whole it hasn’t been that awful. You know once you get past the fact that almost all my thoughts focus back on this freaking novel. I can be cooking dinner and be like ‘I should really get back to this writing thing’, even though I have probably been doing exactly that for a couple of hours by the time the need for dinner comes around. Or I could be trying desperately to get to sleep (which is currently a feat in itself for me at the moment, insomnia, what a great friend you are…) and suddenly I think of the perfect scene for some random part of my novel that doesn’t exist yet and maybe won’t even fit in (although to be honest I am still very much making up this story arc as I go along, which is a wonderfully terrifying approach to this considering that it is now over half way through the month, so these random 3:30am thoughts could very much fit very well into this still forming story).

Anyway back to the point I was making about hating  rolling word counts. Last week I was about 7,000 words behind. This week I think I about 6,000 words behind (currently at 20,607, should be at 26,666). Now the end target is 50,000. That is a target that I can work to. And on a lot of days this week I have written well near to 3,000 words in a day which is great and I feel super accomplished and like I can finally get back on target. And then midnight rolls around and another 1,667 is added on and the mountain gets bigger again. And that is marginally demoralising (I am being told that at the rate I am working I will finish by December 9th).

I am luckily still at that point where I am convinced that even though I haven’t yet reached the half way point that I can still finish on time, and I am living for the fact that first drafts are never masterpieces, which is good because like I said I am still making up this story arc right now.  And I am making up this story arc in the weirdest possible way right now and basically marking the end of chapters which will then give me something to work with and form a chapter…I don’t think that was articulated very well. And my poor abilities to articulate properly at the moment is the very reason why I am avoided writing descriptive scenes and dialogue because I am very aware that it will be messy and clumpy and also probably cause the story to go in circles on itself that when I come to edit it in a few months will be impossible to straighten out and make a somewhat linear narrative. But I am fairly confident that when I do finally find the ability to string a semi decent sentence together then my  word count will bump up  a fair amount and I will finally, FINALLY stop hating rolling word counts.

At this point I hope I can get there by this time next week but then I run the risk of hating everything and hitting a wall with such a colossal force  that I won’t be able to get back up and finish by the end of the month. (I am aware that not finishing on time isn’t the end of the world but…I dunno I just kind of want to for a whole bunch of reasons). So here’s to hoping that I don’t hit the wall and can make up some more ground.

See you next week! (Oh and I randomly declared December a reading month for me, I may or may not pick up on that again at the end of the month and explain why I did that, but I am going to stop typing now because this is over 700 words and I wrote it kind of quickly and I could have totally done that for my novel instead…see every thought)

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