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I’ve done this before here and here, but going through my blog again and seeing what posts I’ve made has proved an interesting task. Some are good and I’m still proud of them and then some others I wish I had edited a bit better…or maybe just not written. Yeah, it’s interesting to say the least.

1) Letters to Autumn 1 – Now, I like quite a lot of these letters that I wrote to celebrate autumn last year (and I’m probably going to do it again this year come October) but this was the first and the most important for me to get right because it kind of opened the whole month and beginnings are important. I felt like I did get it right and I’m still really proud of it.

2) Confession Time pt 3 – This is still super accurate and it also seems quite applicable given that at the weekend I showed off my new edition of The BFG and my dad responded ‘I assume that’s not for reading because you keep saying how pretty it is?’. It is super pretty and a huge part of my childhood and I may silently weep my way through the film later this year. (And I am going to read it, see it’s even on this very extensive, but not all inclusive, list that I wrote the other day). But I do love a pretty cover and I am always drawn to them, even if it’s just for aesthetic purposes (because I have issues).

3) Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? – I drop in and out of this story idea because there is no damn plot and I cannot figure out where I want it to go or what the hell I want it to do, but I keep playing in this world because in my head these are fully formed characters. I’ve created any pieces on this and some of them string together to form something but this is the only one from his point of view and the one that I seem to be drawn to the most. Plus the clusterfuck that was April in my head ended on a high with this one and I like that it ended well for me.

4)  Why I Started My Blog? – I wrote this at the beginning of the year and it’s kind of interesting to read it again now a few months later. Mainly because it serves as a good reminder for myself that the reason that I am still doing this is because it something that I love to do and it is definitely still a necessity for me because it helps me to become a better writer. I may not always see it, but I know on some level, that it’s helping.

5) In Spite of You – I quite like doing pieces where I just set a timer and write. I like seeing the outcome of it all and also not quite knowing how it is going to go down when I start. I also find it really helpful for kickstarting the creative juices when I am well and truly stuck.

And that’s another little Top 5 posts post. There were quite a few others that I could have put on this list so I will probably do another one of these again soon so that I can include them.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!


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