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Hi, Hey , Hello.

So life update, I finished Slaughterhouse 5 and am about 100 pages into Gone Girl at the moment. I have done pretty much all my Christmas shopping and the decorations will be going up in my house within the next few days I imagine (I am in charge of that, they just need to be brought down from the loft). I binge watched most of s8 of The Office US and am powering on through with Firefly right now (because although I need to finish up Buffy, I did like the first 4 and a half seasons in a matter of weeks and I still don’t think I’ve recovered from that to get back into the groove with that one so I’ve changed Joss Whedon shows). Aaaaannnddd I have written somewhere between 5,000-10,000 words over the past week…

So that writing break I was planning to take for the month is going well.

I spent a long period of time struggling to put any words on paper for months on end so the idea of not doing as much after pouring thousands of words out in such a short period of time really didn’t seem that hard. Part of me didn’t even think that I would have any ideas to work with everything had been so focused on writing a novel that was only getting a plot as I typed down sentences and paragraphs in a Word document. I especially didn’t think it would happen when I saw a picture that then just caused all these thoughts to swirl around because I’ve rarely been a visual person. I tend to work off words, like in phrases that I overhear and can’t stop thinking about or song lyrics which as long as I remember where the lyric comes from I can write at any point (I mean the story might be different but that’s part of the beauty of music, it means different things at different times and is one of those things that is kind of always evolving), so for inspiration to hit me out of nowhere from a picture caught me off guard. (There is one thing this year that has been inspired by a picture this year I think and that is coming probably next week, the time it happened before that was like 2012 or something).

But I went with it and nearly 4,000 words later that was finished. And then it was like a dam had been broken or something because I just could. not. stop. So I went with it and had The Office on in the background while I filled my reliable old notebook with neat black ink until nothing more would come.

So I think that is how I am going to go with this right now. Unlike before where I tried to just sit down and write something even sometimes forcing it slightly, for the rest of the month if it happens then I am just gonna roll with it, because at least it will give me something to work on in the new year and maybe do something with. And then I’m actually gonna finish Gone Girl by the end of the year and maybe one other…

See you next week!

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