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5 Bookish GoalsHi, I’m Thistles and Whistles!

If you’re wondering what I am doing on Sophie’s blog, here’s our little story. Sophie and I e-met through Blogging 201 and got chatting via email. We talked about being each other’s blogging buddies and brainstormed on the idea of setting bookish goals. These goals are not so much about the books that we would like to read or have read, rather these are literary goals we would like to eventually accomplish that might help us get a little bit closer to our favourite authors or literary characters.

Sophie has set 5 amazing bookish goals which can be found on my blog. Meanwhile, below are 5 of my bookish goals that I would like to accomplish, more sooner than later:

1. Visit the Jaipur Literature Festival

I had the privilege of volunteering with the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature two years ago right here in Dubai and it was an extraordinary experience. I was delighted to meet and be in the same room as some of the world’s biggest authors and celebrities including Jeffery Archer, Shobhaa De, Shashi Tharoor, celebrity chef Rachel Allen, Ian Rankin and many others.

I would really like to visit the Jaipur Literature Festival which is the world’s largest free literary event in the notoriously famous pink city of Rajasthan in India. Thousands flock from all over to attend this free-for-all festival which takes place annually in the month of January and includes a lot of cultural as well as literary programmes. What a wonderful way to spread literacy and encourage people to read!

2. Book a few literary tours

Goal #2Some time ago, I had come across this article in our local newspaper about 10 famous literary walking tours for a book lover to add to their bucket list. I had cut out that page and envisioned visiting all the places mentioned but I would like to make two additions to this list. Ideally, I would like to start off with an Enid Blyton tour that includes visiting the places where she spent her time writing, and some of the locations she has mentioned in her books, notably Corfe Castle in Dorset. I would also like to visit the Galloway countryside in Scotland including the towns of Kirkcudbright and Newton-Stewart where Dorothy L. Sayers used to stay and where she set her book The Five Red Herrings.

3. Try and make at least one or two dishes mentioned in Enid Blyton books

Goal #3Obviously a big part of Enid Blyton’s books were the traditionally English meals and large teas that the children would have on their adventures! An eight-year old Indian girl in the early 90’s could only dream of macaroons, scones, clotted cream, ginger ale and root beer, not even knowing what they looked or tasted like. My sister and I were so enraptured by the food descriptions, we would highlight all the food-related passages in the books that we owned, our mouths watering all the while. One of my bookish goals is to be able to recreate a couple of the dishes in her food scenes, the catch being I eat only vegan and gluten-free food and that I don’t really bake. Quite a challenge there but let’s see how this one goes! 🙂

4. Create a cozy reading nook in my room

I came across some lovely reading corners on Pinterest and am thinking of creating one for myself with a big new bookcase and a cozy armchair or a window seat. Now, if only I also had a cute furry feline and a roaring fire to complete the picture!

5. Write a collection of short stories

Goal #5Short stories are not everyone’s cup of tea, I’ve noticed. Call it my impatient nature or a sense of excitement that I live for, but there’s something about a powerful story told in a mere few pages that hooks me instantly. When I was very young, I would always find myself ‘bleeding on paper’ in the form of letters, diary entries and writing a few short stories for the local children’s magazine. In my teens, I got the idea of starting a YA mystery novel (à la Enid Blyton of course!) which I abandoned after the first three chapters due to the lack of a solid plot. I fell into the ‘writer’s block’ trap and stopped writing altogether. A decade later, I realize that I wasn’t ready for writing a novel and that had I continued writing short stories, I would have gathered a little collection by now. So my fifth bookish goal is to be able to write a few short stories, with or without the helpful nudge of creative prompts and get a critique to review them.

What are some of your bookish goals that you have successfully completed or would like to accomplish? Let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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