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50 Things That Make Me Happy

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Happy hump day (still not over how weird that sounds as a phrase that we all just accept). So today I am gonna focus on something that I should probably focus on a bit more. Things that make me happy. I am all too focused on the negative and I am good at focusing on that solely that I forget to kind of stop and think about the better stuff (I may always be a half glass empty kind of person, but I’m trying to not be).

So, 50 things that make me happy starting now (in no particular order):

1) Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – in particular Cookie Dough, although I have been getting really into Half Baked recently and Minter Wonderland is my everything. Plus I like the Karamel Sutra core one on occasion.

2) Crisp sunny winter mornings – you know the kind that numb all your appendages wrapped up warm or not.

3) My bed – being curled up in bed, especially when it’s winter, underneath my thick duvet feeling all warm and snuggly. Nothing better

4) Salted caramel anything – specifically Haägen Dazs ice cream, which reigns supreme to anything I’ve ever had.

5) Pizza – thin, crispy crust, topping not all that important (except no pineapple and no plain cheese) and bbq sauce.

6) Cake – I swear they are not gonna be all food related, but food makes me happy. And a good slice of cake can make any situation seem less distressing.

7) Coffee – Yeah, this is kind of obvious I feel. I talk about coffee a lot. And we are finally entering the stage where it is acceptable to just walk around brandishing iced coffee at any time of the day.

8) Music – I don’t go a day without listening to music. Discovering new music makes me so happy.

9) Going for walks – I don’t do it all that often these days, but just going for a wander (which to be honest I do still sometimes do during my lunch) with my music and no real destination in mind, especially when it’s spring time, is so calming and happiness inducing.

10) Writing – Obviously.

11) Reading – Again, obviously. Even when I read the same sentence 15 times, it makes me happy.

12) New films – I have too many films that I need to watch it almost stresses me out. But the possibility that any film I watch could be my new fave film for a short while excites me.

13) Old films – I have a lot of films that are just classics to me. The ones that I know I love and can just stick on and go on about my day (ya know ones like Mean Girls and The Breakfast Club).

14) F.R.I.E.N.D.S – there are episodes of that show that I have seen about a million times and I still find them hilarious. Always a good thing.

15) Harry Potter – The films, the books. Anything to do with it. Seriously anything.

16) Netflix/Amazon – which sounds ridiculous, but I do a lot of binge watching and there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing a TV series after doing nothing but watch it for hours on end.

17) Trains – I love a good train journey (and trains can take me to places in Europe, which is a bonus).

18)  Live concerts – nothing quite like it.

19) Theatre – I will pretty much see anything. But I love a good musical.

20) Sleep – Not the same as being in my bed.

21) Make Up – there is something quite calming about the process of putting make up on and also no longer seeing this recurring spot that keeps showing up slap bang inbetween my eyebrows.

22) Cocktails – especially when they come accompanied by food…

23) Buzzfeed – purely because it is really great for procrastinating when I need it most.

24) YouTube – for the same reason as Buzzfeed.

25) Cooking shows – seriously one day I am gonna actually put all the random useless shit that I have absorbed over the years of doing this whole viewing copious amounts of cooking shows into practice.

26) Showers – I do some of my best thinking in showers.

27) Clean hair – which sounds absurd I know, but that is when it looks the best. It’s reddy brown and the curls sit right and it’s when its at its most manageable.

28) Leave in conditioner – which is a life saver for the days when my hair hasn’t just been washed.

29) Jackets – I spend a lot of time giving a massive shit about the jackets that I wear throughout the seasons. When I get it right, it’s blissful (and, personally, I think I might be nailing it this year).

30)  Early morning conversations – you know the ones where you are just talking total shit but everything is wonderful (I have had more than one conversation about whales in my life in the early hours of the morning).

31) Hoodies/Jumpers – the massive ones that are like a hug in themselves.

32) Scott Mills’ radio show/podcast – the culprit of many an instance in which I just start bursting out in laughter at my desk.

33) Liverpool – my uni city. I miss it every day.

34) London – it’s home. I love it.

35) New York City – I want to go back more and more with every passing day.

36) Planning Holidays – which I should really stop doing because it makes me want to go on holiday all the time and I am not going on holiday any time soon.

37) Disney – films primarily. Although I spend a lot of my time dreaming of trips to Disney parks.

38) Being home alone – I mean my dog is usually technically in the house, but yeah. Having actual, legitimate alone time from the comfort of my sofa.

39) R – aka my partner in crime.

40) My immediate family – they drive me mad in almost equal measure to the amount I love them, but hey.

41) My dog – who spends most of his time ignoring me, unless I have food. But then also just full on invades my space and sits on me for hours at a time when I least expect it.

42) Perfect touch typing – you know where you can write sentences for ages without looking down and without getting any red squiggly lines…is that one weird?

43) Online shopping purchases arriving – even though I usually know what it is (unless I have bought multiple things online at one time…which let’s be honest happens a fair bit) I love opening the box and unwrapping it.

44) Compliments – I mean I am terrible at accepting them and I usually just brush them off, but yeah. Those are nice.

45) Bookcases – something about all those books lined up in some kind of way just looking all beautiful and shit really pleases some part of my brain.

46) Being unapologetically silly – nothing quite so freeing.

47) Sundays – I do very little on Sundays. Or maybe it just feels that way because it is the only day where I actively make no effort to leave the house and exist solely in jogging bottoms, massive t-shirts or onesies. Plus I have mini pamper sessions on Sundays, always fun.

48) The perfect black skinny jeans – which sounds oh so very trivial, but seriously the search was long and hard and it was such a relief to finally find the right pair that I nearly bought multiple pairs.

49) New Books – you know with their shiny new, unbroken spines and their crisp white pages just waiting to be flicked through.

50) Colouring in – which is kind of a new thing. But it is a great way of feeling somewhat productive without really doing all that much, except for the fact that while you’re mindlessly colouring in the lines (which yes, I must always do) and kind of disconnecting from everything around you, there is a pretty colourful finished product.

And that’s it. 50 very random things that make me happy. And things I need to remember as the next month sends me into some kind of writing tizzy. All of which will be revealed tomorrow…

Parentheses count: 11.


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