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Hi, Hey, Hello!

The rules for today are simple. I have 7 minutes on a timer, I have no subject and I have to publish it without editing. That’s it. 7 minutes.

The thing is is that the ground keeps shaking in a rhythm that suggests footsteps. Heavy footsteps. Monotonous. Moving forward. Straight in my direction. Which is mildly unnerving to two reasons, one I thought it would be coming from the opposite direction because that’s where I saw it last and two because I have no real idea what the hell I’m supposed to do once I have crossed paths with it.

I didn’t really think that far ahead. I knew that I had to distract and get it to not hurt other people, but I didn’t really take into consideration that by making sure it didn’t go in one direction that it was now going to come in mine. And I don’t really know what to do about that.

I can’t take it on my own. It’s a giant. A full on giant. Like the thing that myths are made of. And it’s coming my way and I am on my own and defenceless. I mean I have a sword, but I think that might prove to be pretty useless when it comes to actually taking on a giant. I might just graze it above the ankle or something. And doing that might just make it angrier at me and then I will be totally screwed. Then I will have an angry giant on my hands and even less idea what to do with it.

Maybe I could just hide in the foliage and hope that it doesn’t look too hard for the origin of the mating call. Or whatever call it was that I did. I’m not really sure, I’m not fully fluent in giant funnily enough. Maybe it will just pass me by and keep searching. Although that would then cycle back to the original issue because if it passes me then it will eventually hit civilsation again and will wreak havoc on unsuspecting people.

The real question is how do we actually get it back to wherever it came from. Maybe I should have thought about that before I pointed it in my direction.

I was not a fan of that timer going off, it felt like I was just getting into my stride with it all. And this is 100% the product of the fact that I was watching Into the Woods as I wrote this just as the giant made her reappearance.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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