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Hi, Hey, Hello!

So new (almost) month, new blog. Not totally new or anything, I mean it’s the same blog. But different. Broader focus (that sounds almost like an oxymoron), more posts and more fun for me. I mentioned it briefly in the post announcing my brief hiatus, but I had fallen into a bit of a rut with this blog and almost everything else. So, along with my entry into employment (because yes that has happened!) I started playing around with the idea of posting more then twice a week because I didn’t want to just fall into a routine that meant that all the days passed in a blur and I just stopped being creative. Writing and putting myself out there is what I created this space for and I want to use it to the maximum to avoid the potential of falling back into that rut again, permanently.

So naturally when I took a step back from this blog my brain started buzzing with all the things that I could talk about and other various ways that this blog thing could take shape. And that is what I have spent the past two-ish weeks doing. Writing, writing, writing and editing/updating. And more writing (and also a lot more reading, I love a good train commute and super lazy Sundays).

Right, well here’s my new plan/outline/intentions for this blog o’mine:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – could be anything. Books, films, TV stuff, whatever tiny thing is manifesting itself in my brain in the form of a few hundred words. Or just a life update. Almost anything goes.

Wednesdays – I’m aiming to have something from a world that doesn’t exist, aka something creative.

Fridays – Basically a compilation of some of my fave articles/blog posts that I’ve read in the week. One, so I can get in a better habit of being a blog reader and two because sharing is caring.

Saturdays – Day off, because everything needs one of those and also that day has slowly morphed into the day where I run errands that I haven’t gotten around to (like binge watching Parks and Rec, I may stop mentioning this show soon, I may not. I love it, so we shall see).

Sundays – Again I am going to try and keep it creative. Except for the last Sunday, because that shit it sacred. Last Sunday. Music day.

(I suppose now would be a good time to say that this place isn’t a swear free zone.)

Parentheses count (because some things are definitely not changing, along with still being terrible with titles, this one was inspired by this song): 7. See you tomorrow!

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