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Hi, Hey, Hello!

I am typically awful at these kinds of things, it’s like when you are starting a new class and the teacher says they are going to go around the room and everyone should say one interesting fact about themselves. I always just sit there and watch everyone’s faces go a bit blank and then they get all thoughtful and I am still sitting there because I have no interesting facts that jump to mind and the more I think about it the less interesting I get.

But this is an About Me so I should probably talk about myself and my blog a little bit. So here we go.

Basic bits: Name – Sophie. Age – 24. Location – London.  Other fun facts: I have a penchant for parentheses and start too many sentences with the words ‘so’ and ‘and’. My current favourite books (not including that one series that I am sure you can guess always retains the number 1 spot) are The Night Circus and American Gods. And because apparently I love to set myself challenges my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge has been set at 51.

This blog has basically become a place that is mostly book talk, the occasional rambling on about my life, some talk about beauty stuff, the odd opinion and my favourite thing which is creative projects/pieces. Projects include Odes to the Seasons, Snapshot Series and Crazy Ideas.

And with that I bring my ‘About Me’ page to a close. Thanks for reading and enjoy my humble blog abode.

Just before you go, there are some lovely blogging people that have nominated me for awards and these are my response posts:

Liebster Award

The Blog Tour Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Liebster Award 2

Liebster Award 3

Versatile Blogger Award

A Little Bit About Me

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