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You may have noticed that there is a new category on this blog, and that category is fitness. That’s because it has become an increasingly more important aspect of my life and so I am gonna start talking about it a little more, as will be evidenced by this little sequence of posts that is happening on here, tomorrow’s will also be similarly themed.

The thing about exercising is that you need to have the attire to do so. And if you’re me the outfits have to be complete and it has to be cute, because sometimes that is my only motivation to go and work out. To break in something new. It means that I have a lot of sportswear in my life, which is handy because I need them more days than not now.

I used to be pretty open to trying anything that was sportswear from anywhere but over the past few months I’ve realised that there is only one place that owns my heart when it comes to the shit I’m going to work out in. I’ll get to them. In the meantime here are some of my other activewear faves.

New Look

I got a lot of my tank tops from there for the most part because they went through a phase a couple of seasons ago where it was all about the racerback and they were all plain and it was great. I stocked up. And I’m glad I did because then they came out of rotation or something and I couldn’t find them, they are back though so if I need anymore then I know the option is there. They also have some cute slogan ones that sometimes catch my eye and draw me in, but for the most part I keep my tops plain


Two out of the three pairs of trainers that I own are Nike and I love them. They are firmly gym wear only. I own one pair of leggings from them, but they are low rise and I’ve recently come to the conclusion that high waisted leggings are the only way to go for me. They’re not squat proof though meaning that the occasions that I can watch it are minimal, the pattern is cute though.


The pattern on their leggings can be hella cute sometimes and they are usually always high waisted, I have 4 pairs of leggings from them and only one pair aren’t but that’s not too much bother in the grand scheme of things. My issue with these leggings is that they are minimum compression and so they fall down quite easily which is mildly annoying.

Victoria Sport/PINK

My issue with these two is that they are expensive. However they do also always seem to have some kind of sale/deal going on and so I pick and choose when to buy them from here. What I love about them is that they offer ‘long’ options for their leggings which is great when you have 37 inch legs. The leggings are also super soft and offer a decent amount of compression which means that I hardly ever have to yank them up mid workout. The bras are also really good, also my PINK leggings have well placed fairly deep pockets, which I will tell everyone I know about whenever I wear them.

New Balance

My other pair of trainers is from here and I love them. They are full on from street to studio trainers and they do it well. If I could I would live in them, but then they would get worn down and become useless and then I would be sad. The ones I have were in collaboration with Sweaty Betty which brings me on to the next one.

Sweaty Betty

I only own one bra and a pair of leggings from there and they are good. The bra is front closing, which I’m sure is maybe better if you have bigger boobs than I. The leggings are kinda squat proof kinda not. It’s weird, how they work. I would get more stuff from there if it wasn’t so damn expensive. But there is one new set that is on the horizon that is honestly already tempting me.

And now we move onto my fave:


First of all I love that you can but complete outfits at a discounted price starting at £44. Secondly, the quality of the leggings is just sooooo good. I have so many pairs now and I get weirdly excited at the prospect of new ones coming out, because they come out every month and that is also real great for me because it means that if I so choose to I can scratch the itch to buy new stuff, which most months I do at some point I cannot lie. I am weak. But back to the leggings, they are so good, there are loads of options but over the months I have shifted over to high waisted only. They are also maximum compression, which I won’t lie, makes them a nightmare to get on and off, but when they are on they are on. And because this is a perk in these cold nights, they are thick. Everything gets held into place and most of them are squat proof. The bras are also pretty good as well, they offer a variety of support and also are hella cute. The tops are a bit hit and miss. I usually end up returning them, which gets added onto your account as store credit, which is nice. Also the outwear is super cute and so versatile and it really does feel like you can wear them from studio to street, which I do on the way to the gym but not after because sweaty sportswear is just naaatt good.

But they are my fave and at this point they are my go to for everything sports bra and leggings related. But it does also come as a slight relief when a new month’s collection drops and I’m not immediately drawn to any of the outfits because sometimes I love several and it’s slightly problematic for my bank account.

Because I am technically on a buying ban, I did it for the month of November and lasted until about mid-December before I caved due to a sale, but I’m now back on it. It is lasting for this month as far as I can tell, not that I can make that kind of assumption because it’s not over yet. I’m looking to try and keep it up for as long as I can as part of my goals for this year.

But those are my activewear faves. Fabletics is bae and the root of my obsession and I’m done talking about them now.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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