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Hi, Hey, Hello!

I have a dog.

He’s a total fluffball. He’s 12 (I think…I can never quite remember the year) but he still has all the energy of a puppy. He insists on getting treats the moment that I walk through the door and every time I dare to walk into the kitchen.

He spends so much time sleeping by my side on the sofa but also hates when I acknowledge it. He does this thing most mornings where he nudges my bedroom door open while I sleeping to see if I’m there, sometimes he then lies on the floor, most of the time he’s just doing it for the bants.

I can usually place my money on the fact that when we are the only two in the house he will wait a bit until he knows that no one is going to come through the front door and then he just slinks on upstairs where he stays until someone else does actually return. If I leave him while he is upstairs I am usually surprised to see him come back downstairs to greet me.

I am usually the first person he trots up to when he wants his dinner or to be let outside. I can always rely on him to occasionally show me some love at a time when it turns out that I need it most.

He hates me any time that I point a camera in his direction but that does stop me doing that. I have dog fur on literally everything that I own no matter how new that piece of clothing is.

He’s a stress reliever that I don’t even know that I really need at the times when I really need it.

Every time he follows me upstairs and then just sits there while I stroke his ears and feel his head get heavy in my hand. Every time he lies on the floor beneath my feet and just lets me stroke him and then paws at my hand again when I stop so that I can continue. Every time he follows me into the kitchen and pulls out all the tricks he knows for some food. Every time he jumps up and down and gets excited when I go to do something for him.

It’s in the little things that have become so much a part of my life over his time in our house that provide some kind of stress relief on a daily basis.

He’s my bubba and I love him.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!


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