April Playlist

April Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Aah a taste of the norm before I get chucked out of Letters to Spring by the harsh turning of the clocks into a different month. Opening a post like that did feel a bit odd though, it feels like it’s been an age.

Anyway, it’s the last Sunday of the month, and also the last day of the month (I love it when that happens) so that can only mean one thing. Music time. (To be honest I was so focused on getting through LTS that I sort of forgot to take notes on all the songs that I have been loving this month, so these have been thrown together more than normal.)

1) Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

The piano on this is just stunning and also those vocals are insane. Look I was always a fan of Styles when he was in One Direction and his solo work is the best so far and I am so excited for the album.

2) Young and Menace – Fall Out Boy

I always get so excited when I know that new Fall Out Boy music is coming my way because I am always super excited to see where they going to go musically. This song did not disappoint and is also not a direction that I saw coming. I was a bit on the fence about it on first listen but given that then on Friday I listened to it for a good 30/40 minutes that it’s safe to say that I love it now.

3) No Vacancy – One Republic

Again, I am probably for the most part always going to love anything that comes from Ryan Tedder and this band and this was the case with this song. The vibe of it is so great and I knew that it was a winner with me.

4) Thunder – Imagine Dragons

I got the trifecta on Friday with these songs (including the two above) and it was all a bit overwhelming but also very welcome. They are 3 of my fave bands and this rounded it off nicely. Again this was a totally different vibe to the one that I am used to from them and also from Believer but it was all still very familiar and it’s great.

5) Attention – Charlie Puth

I don’t ever actively listen to Charlie Puth for whatever reason but every time I hear a new single of his I’m always like this is a total banger. This song is no different. I don’t even know what it is about it this song that I like, all I know is that I do.

6) Still Got Time –  ZAYN ft PARTYNEXTDOOR

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t particularly want to like this song for various reasons, but it is such a good song that it’s kind of hard to not like it in some capacity. It has a party vibe and it makes me really want warm (if that’s a thing we’re gonna get here this year) summer nights spent drinking.

7) Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

Again, like Charlie Puth, I don’t tend to actively listen to her songs but this came up on YouTube on Friday and so I gave it a listen and it’s great. It’s a solid song and I enjoy it very much.

8) Humble – Kendrick Lamar

I just have this memory of me leaving work on a Friday and this happening to be the song that I had paused in the morning and feeling like a total badass. And then also getting totally hyped for the whole album (which didn’t disappoint). This is my standout song though.

9) Ex- James TW

I think I’m probably going to be a fan of James TW if he is going to keep producing songs like this. That’s all. I like it.

10) Always Summer – Jordan Fisher

I love Jordan Fisher. His voice ruins me on a regular basis and this song is just so beautiful. I mean it’s mellow as hell but sometimes that’s just what you need.

11) There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes

I would say that this song is my guilty pleasure, but that would imply that I feel shame about loving it and I don’t. I love it so much that I couldn’t leave it off the list for this month and I had to up my usual 10 to 11. It’s just so good and again has slight summer vibes., which is why it is ending this month’s playlist.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow when we are officially out of April and I have to say goodbye to the letter!

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