August Playlist

August Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

How are we on this bank holiday weekend Sunday? I for one am a little bit tired and a little bit thinking about when I am going to resume my Parks and Rec binge watch (I burned through 20 episodes last weekend completely by accident).

Firstly, my blog is going through a bit of a revamp, so things have/are moved/moving and there is some slight tweaking going on that will probably be happening for the next couple of days as I get my shit together. I am aiming to stop faffing with it tomorrow.

Secondly, my little blog break has turned out to be a perfect time to get the ideas flowing and that dangerous feeling of indifference has slowly lifted over the course of the rest of this month. So yay to that.

And finally, I am going to stop prattling on and get on with why I’m here. Music.

1) Drag Me Down – One Direction.

This song goes so hard and I am still so in love with it. Pretty much all I have to say. (And because you know I love a cover, have a Shawn Mendes one)

2) Down in the Dumps – WALK THE MOON

You do not want to know how hard I resisted the urge to include Shut Up and Dance again because it is still such a jam. BUT, the whole album is full of so many great songs, they are pretty much always in my head (for at least a small portion of the day). I kind of didn’t notice this song after the first few listens but then I did and it really resonated with me. So here it is.

3) Don’t Let Go – En Vogue

I don’t even remember at what point this month I rediscovered this song, but boy am I glad that I did. (The first three songs on this list has been brought with you largely by the letter D.)

4) Trip Switch – Nothing But Thieves

I have listened to the radio a LOT recently and this song has come up a lot and within the first 10 seconds I knew I was gonna love it. And I do and I grow to like it more with each listen (which cannot be said for all songs tbh, some I would rather never hear again at this point).

5) Weathered – Jack Garratt

Right so Jack Garratt did a cover of this song that I was/still am obsessed with because guh, it’s amazing. And then I heard this and I actually stopped in my tracks because it was just beautiful. So good.

6) T-shirt Weather – Circa Waves

Oh the irony of this. I have for whatever reason never slotted this in to what may have been a more appropriate month given the title (does anyone remember that huge heatwave we had because that seems like a lifetime ago now). But here have it as a fond reminder of a time that we once had. (Unless you don’t live in the UK and actually have an obvious summer, in which case just enjoy the song, it’s a good’un.)

7) What You Don’t Do – Lianne La Haves

This girl’s voice. I can’t even (you know I don’t actually say that in life, why I said it just now is beyond me, but let’s roll with it shall we? Yeah? Cool, thanks.) And also the song itself is amaaaazzzzzzingg.

8) Impossible – Lion Babe

This was on an advert for what I can’t remember and I never found out what it was. And then it was Radio 1’s track of the day and I got my answer. For which I am grateful, if only because it means that I can have more than two lines of the song stuck in my head now.

9) She’s Kinda Hot Though – 5SOS

You know I have just realised that I kinda more than like than this. It’s one of those that grows on you the more that you listen to it apparently. It’s good though, I’m more interested in what the album is gonna sound like because of it.

10) Here – Alessia Cara

I hereby declare this my anthem. The first time I heard it I was just like these are my thoughts in song form (and put way better than I could ever hope to do). And also her voice, so cool. So much love. Here for it (pun intended).

And that’s it. August playlist done.

Parentheses count: 10. See you tomorrow!

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