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2018 Reading Challenge, Book 40 – Bad Feminist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I’m a bad feminist what up?

This book spoke to me for a lot of reasons. One for the title, and the opening, which literally declares Gay as a bad feminist. And also some of the essays in it challenged my way of thinking.

This collection of essays covers a broad spectrum of topics and they made me sit up and listen. They also helped me get a greater grasp on my own thoughts on things that I wasn’t really able to put into words.

It also gave me a diving board to leap off of and delve into new things and read more about the topics that were covered in it.

This book is great at letting you into various topics and reading what Gay thinks. As mentioned in my review for Hunger, I love her style of writing and the way she presents her opinions and thoughts. She lets you into her head and challenges your way of thinking. She’s also so honest in her writing and makes you realise that yeah on some level, we’re all bad feminists you just gotta own it and try to do better.

Here are some of my faves from the book:

Feel Me. See Me. Hear Me. Reach Me.

Straight out of the fate with greatness here. I loved how nuanced it was and how it touched on so many facets of living life, especially as a black woman.

Girls, Girls, Girls

I have a major issue with the show Girls, I used to love it and then somewhere in the second season I stopped. This essay went some way of the way in really helping me get my head around why.

Not Here to Make Friends

Why do I spend so much time trying desperately to be liked? It’s fucking exhausting. And then why is it so important that a female protagonist be likeable? James Bond gets away with being a total dick with no questions asked.

The Careless Language of Sexual Violence

I think the title might explain it all.

What We Hunger For

Don’t be out there tryna tell me YA isn’t hard hitting. It handles so many themes (usually well) that everyone needs to acknowledge, don’t act like teenagers can’t handle a version of their reality.

The Trouble of Prince Charming

Can you tell I just kind of low key love a fairy tale callout?

Thoughts on The Help

I’ll be honest, I watched the film and didn’t really think much of it other than Queen Viola. However, this essay twisted the way I think about that vague memory I have of it. I need to rewatch it now with the context of this essay because it will shed a new light on it.

Surviving Django

Now I do remember this film. I remember enjoying it enough but being very aware that it was a Tarantino film because it had all the signs. This essay however gave a new angle to the film that I hadn’t really thought about. But on some level have thought about it enough to know that I’m not prepped to watch 12 Years a Slave because watching black people suffer like that is just not enjoyable – which links to the essay that follows this one, Beyond the Struggle Narrative.

The Politics of Respectability

I felt the opening of this essay because it’s true and also slightly confusing for me as someone who straddles two ‘cultures’. I don’t know how to ‘act’ either way, I ain’t got time to figure out what you except of me.

The Alienable Rights of Women

Don’t get me started on old white men deciding what women can do with their bodies.

Bad Feminist: Take Two

Hey, what up, this is me.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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