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Hi, Hey, Hello!

What the hell is up with the fact that we are hurtling towards the end of May already???

Which brings me on to the title of this post. ‘Blog Every Day in June’.

There is a reason for this. Over the bank holiday weekend I started experimenting with something and then it escalated to I don’t how many words yet, but I know that I want to share it (after it has gone through my maybe somewhat excessive editing process), but I can’t do that without some kind of context. Which luckily I have because (as I may have mentioned once or twice) I took part in Camp Nano last month and used the whole Snapshot series as my diving board to 50,000 words (because as I said on Sunday I am the actual worst at leaving these characters behind it would seem).

So for the next month I am going to post one every day (with the exception of the 28th, because it’s the last Sunday) and then end with this piece that I am talking about in rather abstract terms right now on the 30th. The hard part (for me anyway) will be choosing them all while also factoring in the fact that since April ended I have written some of my favourite ones in this world and I kinda want to include those too (although for various reasons I have eliminated a few of them so that makes selection a tad easier).

But that’s my little project for the month, one that I can actually commit to and see through until the end (I don’t actually make a habit of not finishing tasks to be honest now that I really think about, it’s the perfectionist in me).

Anyway, I’m off to start sorting out this playlist for the weekend.

Parentheses count: 6. See you on Sunday!

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