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Bonus Book Review – Always and Forever, Lara Jean

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If you follow me on Twitter then you will have noticed that over the weekend I basically tweeted about almost nothing but To All the Boys I Loved Before because I watched it almost the moment I had got my dinner for the night (after my workout, which I no word of a lie nearly cancelled so I could get home earlier…). I loved it so much and these stories have really managed to worm their way into my heart and just take up residence there.

And it literally all started with a trailer.

Now I have watched the film and also finished the books. Well, the books thing came first and I am still, even now at nearly 2 weeks later, sad that I don’t have a book to go because I’ve finished them all. But my goodness what a trilogy it has been.

I have honestly never, and may never be, so invested in the happiness of two fictional teenagers than I have been with Lara Jean and Peter. I just wanted them to be happy together. That was it. But obviously there was a lot of drama that came with that. Like a lot. It felt somehow like the most drama filled of the 3 books. But it was all like real life drama. It was dealing with the ending of school and where to go for college. It was assessing what you really wanted as opposed to what other people want for you. For a little bit it felt like there was no way to root for both Peter and Lara Jean’s happiness because they were just never going to align with one another and ultimately because it’s Lara Jean’s POV you just want her to be happy.

And she was coming to terms to not getting into the college that she wanted and then falling in love with a college that she was also simultaneously deeming as ‘impractical’ as well as trying to think ‘What Would Margot Do?’ as the reader you kind of know what she should do and when she comes to those conclusions of her own accord the happiness that floods over the reader as well felt intense. I also like the way that the rejection from her dream college was handled, she was allowed to be upset about it as she came to terms with it all.

I liked how the college ‘issue’ was dealt with between them. Also I couldn’t help but be hella endeared by the fact that Peter had just complete and total unending faith in his relationship with Lara Jean and it only really waived once at a time that felt perfectly valid to be honest (actually I think it was twice because Kavinsky remains the MOST jealous sometimes). I liked the way it ultimately initially went even though it broke my heart into a million pieces.

Although seriously their break up hurt. I kind of knew that it would but it still kind of left me floored like it was something that actually happened to me. And as it was happening and we were moving along with Lara Jean’s narrative it didn’t look that way, but then when Peter started defending himself I totally got where he was coming from. I remain hella impressed by the fact that Han always seems to manage to convey how another person is feeling even though it is from Lara Jean’s perspective. I felt Peter’s pain. As well as Lara Jean’s.

I felt like I related more to Lara Jean than I ever have in the previous 2 books. The way that she focused so incessantly on planning the wedding to avoid her real drama. The way that she kind of grappled with what people wanted around her and what she wanted. The fear of actually moving away to somewhere new. She was just so relatable and I loved her so much. Especially come the end when she finally made her decision.

Couple of other things I loved, Margot and her unease about her dad getting remarried because she’s just not been there for them falling in love and Kitty, as always.

This felt like a really good ending to the whole trilogy. It made me feel some kind of way a lot. It was well written and it gave me the happy ending that I so desperately craved. I love this series so much and I will always be a little bit sad that I have finished it now.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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