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Bonus Book Review – Ready Player One

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Still at it with the book reviews. Still at with the deviation from the script, but this is the last of those (although I read this before Sharp Objects but didn’t get my shit together in time to actually write this up properly so it went up yesterday…I basically thought I had written it but hadn’t).

The final book of this little break in my regularly scheduled reading was this:

Bonus Book Review, Ready Player One
Bonus Book Review, Ready Player One

I had heard things about this book but never really paid it much mind, and then I saw the Comic Con trailer for it and my interest was piqued again. I think it was the Dolorean that did it. The very next day I found myself in a Waterstones looking for the book and buying it without so much as a second glance.

I kind of had no real idea what the hell the book was about. I knew it was sci-fi and that was about it. Then I read the blurb, just before I started reading the book, and got some idea. And then I just started reading. And fell a little bit in love with the world created.

It had me hooked instantly.

There was something so realistic about it even though, in fact at some point this week it randomly came up in conversation that aesthetics won’t even matter soon because we’ll all be hooked up to machines living in an alternate reality in the cloud. And that is basically what this book is.

A quest in an alternate world that is pretty much all that these people have as the real world around them falls apart. With a lot of 80s references thrown in for good measure. The energy of this story as a result is so good and it’s what drives it funnily enough. It really takes you with it and from the moment you read the opening sentence you are right there in the story.

Following the quest was so thrilling and seeing the way that was affecting his real life and how everything all wove in together and how they fed each other is what made everything so intense to read and kept you turning the page. There were new reveals and twists and turns on every page and on multiple occasions I actually found myself physically reacting to things, especially as it got closer to the end and all the main 4 who were all virtually kind of working together met each other in actual life.

I loved how real everything felt in the virtual reality. How as a reader you were almost as invested in that world as the characters were and when things started going in it in some ways you felt the pain with them. I loved how built up that world was and how I was almost excited for Wade to get back into it.

Speaking of Wade, I loved him as the protagonist. The way that he was written and fleshed out made it so easy for you as a reader to get on his side. You rooted for him from the moment that his life as he knew was blown up (which was shocking moment number 1 and the moment when you realised just what kind of ride you were getting yourself into). Parzival was also one of my faves even though she came and went.

There is a love story of sorts that is interwoven into the backdrop of the overall narrative. It kind of followed the way that Wade felt about it. When he was focused on it it was kind of the overwhelming throughout that section of the narrative. When he was focused on the quest that was all you were focused on too. And then as it came closer to the end the two were woven together perfectly leading to an ending that I found all together pretty satisfying.

This book is good. It’s a sci-fi dream. It’s littered with so many references to 80s pop culture. It’s a full on quest. The characters are great and Wade is a great protagonist who is maybe one of my faves that I’ve been introduced to this year. Cline’s style of writing is great and easy to fall into. The end is good, it doesn’t feel like you’ve wasted the past 300 or so pages. It’s an easy book to get hooked on. I recommend that you give it a shot.

4/5 stars.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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