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Bonus Book Review – Sharp Objects

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And here we have another non listed book. It took me a bit longer than I anticipated to read which was a tad annoying, but I was sort of going through a rough patch as I adjusted back to my regular routine and my evening reading session suffered. I mean I still finished the book within the week, but I kind of wanted to do it in 3/4 days.

But that’s not the point. I finished the book and in the end I only took a 2 week deviation from the reading list this year. Not too shabby.

The book in question is this one:

Bonus Book Review, Sharp Objects
Bonus Book Review, Sharp Objects

Now I love Gillian Flynn. So much. For the Cool Girl speech alone. But also for so much more. She writes such complex female characters and her storylines always take turns that I don’t expect. I’m a little sad that with the completion of this one that I have now finished Flynn’s entire bibliography.

I will say that this isn’t my favourite of hers. There were parts of it that just didn’t sit right with me or something. I can’t even really explain what it was, but yeah, it wasn’t my favourite.

I think it was because for the most part I kind of felt like I knew how it was going to end. I had an inkling regarding it from quite early on and for the most part I was right. However, it did throw a curve ball at me in the last five pages that I didn’t expect and I appreciated that massively. Overall though, I did feel like the ending was satisfactory and we all know how I feel about endings. I was suitably unjaded by this one.

In terms of plot it was relatively simple. People are dying, someone goes to look into the murders to investigate them for her job, crazy revelations happen and the killer is revealed. It’s short and snappy. It gets from point A to point end in just over 300 pages. It packs a punch and like I said, throws you through a loop in the final few pages. Just enough to really stick with you and make you realise that it should have been obvious.

The characters in this are just classically Flynn. They are complicated, they are diverse, they are totally awful. They are all grey and I can’t say that I really liked any of them, or even found myself identifying with them in any way, in that way that is sometimes kind of nice and gets you involved in a narrative. They were kind of all terrible people in a lot of ways. And I mean, like all the characters were like this. They had their redeemable features, but for the most part they weren’t great. But that in itself was what makes Flynn’s books so good. She doesn’t appear to be afraid of writing unlikeable, especially when it comes to female, characters, because that is not what you encounter in life. I love that. It makes the reading experience so much more when you’re in a Flynn novel.

It’s a little graphic, so I would warn for that and it does deal with a sensitive subject. And an inherently violent one just by it’s very nature, but I would still recommend it. It wouldn’t be the first Flynn novel I would recommend though. In fact, even though I love, love, love Gone Girl the one I would recommend as the gateway into Flynn’s work would be Dark Places. But this one is still definitely worth a read.

3/5 stars

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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