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Bonus Book Review – Tales of Sand and Sea

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I mentioned in my goals for the year that although I only officially had 65 books on my reading challenge for this year, my overall goal for the year was randomly 70 books. I still to this do not know why I did that, but there we go.

This is the first book that deviated from my long list because I was waiting for a book to arrive and this book would keep be entertained for the hour train journey that I was going to do one Sunday in mid-March.

And it was also my final trip to this world. And boy did I enjoy spending an hour that way. I actually didn’t realise how sad I was to leave that world when I finished the third book until I went back to it and was reading about Ahmed and Jin’s actions all over again. There was something reassuring about it. Honestly, it felt like they were old friends or something. I enjoyed reading that story and about how they were when they were on the sea. I don’t think I really appreciated that they were pretty much always on land in the trilogy until I was reading about them on the ships. I liked getting to see that side of them.

On the note of Jin and Ahmed, reading about their mothers was also a nice little insight into this. Just giving them as characters a little more context was interesting to me and also highlighting yet again just how corrupt the system was in itself. I loved getting to read about their mothers and the lengths they would go to.

Which then leads me onto the final story which kind of leads straight into the trilogy itself. The story of Amani’s parents. I enjoyed the fact that almost instantly you could draw similarities between her and Amani. The need to always be running and trying to get away from Dustwalk. To escape the fate that awaits them there. It made Amani seem all the more rooted in something, even though she was already fully fleshed person in my head. They ended up being so alike that it somehow made everything seem all the more heartbreaking as the end of that short story led straight into where we started off in Rebel. The final few paragraphs of the story were truly heartbreaking.

The story of Attalah and Hawa was also somehow super sad even though it was dotted throughout the whole the trilogy and I knew how it worked and how it went and what it meant for the world. But having it put down into words completely and to have it as the tale that would have been told to the children of this world just added an extra element of…something to it. I don’t even really know what. But it reminded me of the way that the trilogy ended and the importance of words and stories.

It was a great accompaniment to the trilogy and I am sad now that this world is now officially done with for me.

3/5 stars

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