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Bonus Book Review – This Will Only Hurt a Little

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Busy Phillips on Instagram is one of my daily highlights. Has been for a while. She’s hilarious on there.

So obviously when it came onto my radar that she had a book coming out I obviously jumped on that pre-order and (im)patiently waited for it to arrive.

Then I devoured it in like 3 days.

This book feels like you’re having a conversation with her. The way it is written feels conversational and a little rough around the edges. Which I liked. I liked that you can tell that it was Phillips writing the book, because sometimes you’ve got to wonder.

Fun fact, I did not know that Phillips was at all involved with Blades of Glory. I love that film and it was shitty to realise that she was almost ousted completely.

Phillips is honest in this book. Brutally at times. The candid way she talked about her marriage and the way it ebbed and flowed, especially after she had kids and how when you think about it, it’s not been that long since it happened.

She talks about sexual assault, which never gets any easier to confront, and body image in an industry that insists on calling her ‘plus size’. She talks about her shitty relationships (including the boyfriend that tried to steal her idea completely).

The overall thing I got from this though is that she works hard (for her money). Like really hard. I, as a reader who does not know this woman, felt disheartened by the number of knock backs she had. She lived through them and still kept on trucking. I felt inspired by that.

Something about Phillips feels relatable. You get that throughout her writing continually. She pulls you in, tells her story and makes you laugh really fucking hard. This is another book that kind of off guard with how much I actually laughed out loud at this book.

This book is an easy read, written well enough about a woman who I’ve always enjoyed watching, seriously she is my highlight of White Chicks and Cougar Town. It’s also a little heartbreaking at time, but the way that Phillips tells them kind of dictates the way you react, if that makes any sense? Like you feel for her but you don’t pity her or something…I don’t know, in my head that one makes sense. I’d recommend this one if you’re a fan of hers or a fan of reading autobiographies (I am both).

Also I’ve written the bulk of this after watching her hot take on The Beatles. She doesn’t like them, and honestly? I’m inclined to agree…don’t @ me.

4/5 stars

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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