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You know when you mean to do things and then just completely forget? Well I meant to do this because, well, books are great and I read a lot. Plus the idea of thinking about what books hold some kind of meaning to me seemed like an interesting thing to tackle considering that it is currently day 2 NaNoWriMo and for some strange bizarre reason I have committed to it this year…I hope I can do better than last year, although I guess last year I was in the depths of being a final year uni student, there are less distractions and responsibilities this year which might make it all a bit easier. Anyway, I’ll just get on with it.

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1st) Errrr, every book I have ever read…? I guess in all seriousness though I find the idea of reading fairy tales by a fire quite idyllic. I have a book them that I need to finish, now I just need to find a fire…

2nd) I don’t think I have read many books with dogs in them…like the only dog I can think of is Sirius Black but I also don’t really think he counts. Snoopy is grand though

3rd) So Atonement (Ian McEwan) was I think the third book of his I read, and while I liked the other two that I read before I got to this one, Atonement just got me. I had already seen the film so I knew what happened but the way it was written was stunning and I think it was the quickest I had read a book in a while at the time (I think I was about 17).

4th) The only reason I bought these books was because on the day they end up on a bookshelf they will look so pretty. They are the first two books in the Land of Stories series (Chris Colfer) I will at some point own the third one, but for now I should make a dent in all the books that I already have that I need to read.

5th) I am not gonna lie, I cannot think of a single book I have read that has one in. Maybe I just haven’t read one yet. I’ll get there.

6th) I have a feeling the first book I bought (or maybe I was bought it, depends on the pocket money situation, my memory is hazy about this right now it was long ago) was a Jacqueline Wilson one. I don’t know which one because I read a lot of them, but a part of me thinks it was Double Act.

7th) Oh this is easy, it was like two weeks ago. The last two books I bought were Slaughterhouse 5 Kurt Vonnegut) and Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn).

8th) I found a really nice edition of A Room of One’s Own (Virginia Woolf) that was tucked away amongst the rest of her books on the shelf. It has a really minimalist cover and is so compact that it was really easy to transport without feeling too bulky like some of the other books that I had to carry around campus when I was back at uni. It was also a bargain compared to how much other editions cost that I had almost resided myself to buying.

9th) I keep meaning to buy this book about a bookshop that I cannot quite remember the name of at this present moment in time, because it always on display when I go into my local bookshop at the moment and looks like it will be quite a good read. But as of yet, I haven’t read one.

10th) I only own one book with an orange cover (and this is because I refused to buy Gone Girl in orange, I am just a fan of more muted book covers), and that book is One Day (David Nichols). I still haven’t finished it and I don’t know if I like it, but I guess I need to read it from cover to cover to make a final decision on that.

11th) Never been to one.

12th) I am not gonna lie I tend not to pay attention to bookseller recommendations because if I did then I would spend too much money on books that would get added to the end of a to-read list that is already too long.

13th) I am not a big re-reader of books to be honest, not since I was in primary school. I have my favourites that I would love to read again but I just don’t have the time because whenever I find myself reading over familiar sentences I start thinking about all the ones that I haven’t read but really want to and so I focus my time on new stories and worlds that I can immerse myself in for the first time. I have a feeling this will change in the near future because there is a weird sense of comfort and home that can come from returning to book that you already know so well.

14th) I haven’t read it yet but The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Mark Haddon) is a book title that I have always adored, I don’t quite know why though.

15th) Oh gosh, this is a hard one. The first one I thought of was the Bennetts in Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen), so I guess I should stick with that. There are so many though, and I know I am forgetting lots of them but that is always the way.

16th) For me the most memorable adventure/journey in literature has to go to Harry Potter. It just is for me for so many reasons and it’s the one that will always hold a special place in my heart.

17th) There are four books near to me right now, they are The Maze Runner (James Dashner), The Secret History (Donna Tartt), Gone Girl and Slaughterhouse 5. I don’t feel at home anymore unless I have at least two books in arms reach it would seem after three years doing an English degree.

18th) I was reading Slaughterhouse 5 on the train the other day and I did find myself laughing out loud at some points. More of a sudden burst of laughter that catches you and almost everyone else around you off guard, because it is so unexpected.

19th) Only one book in my life has ever made me cry and that was The Fault in Our Stars (John Green). It wasn’t necessarily in public as such, I just wasn’t fully alone when I finished it and therefore some people did notice me crying over words on a page.

20th) Matilda. First bookworm I encountered in literature and also one of my earliest memories of books in general. One of the reasons I love books in the first place.

21st) I love Hazel Grace though from TFIOS if I had to pick just one. There are loads though and typically I can only think of her because that book is at the forefront of mind at the moment given that I was just talking about it.

22nd) Any book set in New York makes me want to travel to be honest. I’ve been there and I pretty much just always want to go back. Actually any book (therefore most) that isn’t set in my back yard makes me want to travel. I live in a permanent state of wanderlust.

23rd) Honestly, I haven’t found one yet that stands out to me. Always looking for one though.

24th) I have yet to find one, so I guess that means that I have to spend more time in bookshops in order to find one…

25th) For some reason nobody seems to need any food in a lot of the books I read. So the only one I can think of is the section in The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath) when Esther is describing all the food before she then spends time curled up on the bathroom floor.

26th) I don’t if it counts as time travel as such, but the Midnighters trilogy (Scott Westerfield) is amazing. And it does involve time not working in a way that you’re used to.

27th) I re-read the one at the beginning of Gone Girl so many times when I first opened the book it was absurd. It is ‘Love is the world’s infinite mutability; lies, hatred, murder even, all nit up in it; it is the inevitable blossoming of its opposites, a magnificent rose smelling faintly of blood’. Even reading it through again so I could type it up I fell in love with it again. Obsessed.

28th) Honestly, with a lot of the books I read I feel like I take a little something from all of them. There is no stand-alone book where I left with an overwhelming feeling of ‘oh that imparted some great words of wisdom’. It’s more the little things I take from them, the most recent to leave a little something behind were Fangirl and Eleanor and Park both by Rainbow Rowell.

29th) Literally the only book I can think of in relation to fashion sticks out to me is Confessions of a Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella), which did admittedly have a lot of fashionable moments in it. Oh, and Hermione’s Yule Ball outfit reveal in Goblet of Fire, that’s a fashion moment that sticks out as well.

30th) Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (David Foster Wallace). Super confusing at times and hard to read at times because it is so aware of itself and metafictional, but incredible nonetheless. And also A Visit From the Goon Squad (Jennifer Egan) is one of the best books I have read this year.

31st) I don’t think this is necessarily spooky as reads go, but Good Omens (Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) does have its supernatural elements to it and I love it. It’s one of those books that I feel a re-read is order of actually.

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