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First of all can I just say that I am stupidly proud of my alliterative title today, good titles don’t happen to me often, I relish in them when they do.

Secondly, yeah there is a little bit of a book theme this week on here, but I feel like that is to be expected here by now.

Anyway, onto the point. There is this thing that exists in the world that apparently people can do and that read before bed. It sounds like a completely alien concept to me.

Don’t get me wrong I can understand the benefits. I can see that it could be relaxing and it’s better than the ‘looking-at-a-screen’ alternative, but like, how is it possible??

It honestly sounds like the worse idea that has ever existed.

Like how am I supposed to just read a couple of chapters and then put the book down, forget about it and go to sleep?

9/10 times if I start a book I can get really into it within a few chapters and then it will haunt me until I can get my hands on it and start reading again. Call me crazy, but that kind of ‘I-can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head’ (cue me having that Kylie song in my head for the duration of the writing of this blog post) feeling doesn’t seem conducive to a good night’s sleep. That seems like a recipe for disaster. Total disaster. It seems like the perfect situation to sit up going over all the plot potentialities available to me. And I mean ALL of the possibilities. I have enough random shit going on in my head when I am trying to fall asleep already, I don’t need plot lines getting all up in there too.

Even if I could put the book down and leave it be, the more likely situation would be that I pick the book up and just keep reading and reading until my eyes automatically slip shut and sleep is pretty forced upon me by my dry eyes. Now I can stay awake until 3/4am when I’m not even doing anything particularly engaging, throw a book into that mix and I might just never sleep. I have an alarm going off at 7:40…see the problem here. Sleep and I are rocky at the best of times, don’t go throwing literature into the mix.

And even though I can say that I can see why it can be relaxing I don’t think it can be guaranteed to do so. Books can cause me an insane amount of stress sometimes. Very little makes me want to throw things across the room more (A Farewell to Arms, thanks for that, there have others as well but that is my glaring example right now). I can get angry, upset, frustrated (insert all other emotions possible) at books in a way that I don’t anything else. What about that is good to do to yourself before sleep??

None of them, that is the answer.

I struggle to finish up what I’m reading so that I get off trains and carry on with my life and let’s be honest the only thing that is stopping me from reading any more is the fact that I am being partially forced to. Sleep is not gonna force me to stop reading. I will pass through the tiredness and get to that point where it no longer feels like I’m tired (you know the feeling right?). It works as a vicious circle that I honestly probably should not enter in to.

Not saying that I have found a way to help me ease off to sleep a bit easier yet, but I am saying that I am striking reading off that list.

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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