Camp Nano – Update 1

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I know at some point over the past few weeks I have implied that I decided that Camp Nano was a thing that I was deciding to commit to again even though April a mere 2 months ago nearly broke me completely and well I can confirm that I have 100% actually committed to it again.

Just on a way less stressful scale.

I say that, my word count goal is still 20,000 by month’s end and I do still kind of want to reach that so that I can take the project that I am working on during the month up to around 25,000 words. It’s way less stressful for one simple reason.

I know what the fuck I am doing.

Unlike in April where a) I decided to live achieve my word count goal by centring my blog on it and b) it was pretty much I had write 30 short different short stories every day (which I failed to do, but also still managed to do…) this month I actually know what the hell I am doing. I have a relatively extensive plot outline and everything (one that I have in both lengthy (ie I ramble on for ages) and concise versions, long story as to why that’s the case). And the most freeing part of doing Camp Nano this month is that I’m basically just treating it as a really good reason to blitz a first draft out and that first draft doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I’m still cringing slightly at about 90% of what I’m writing down onto a page, but I’m also free in the knowledge that when I come back to it at a later date I’ll know what I’m talking about and can play around with it without having to try and figure some cryptic throwaway comment that I inserted into the document without embellishing and slamming straight into a wall, which has happened to me more times than I can count at this point in time to be perfectly honest with you.

So that’s pretty much where I’m at with it so far, now that we are on Day 6. Admittedly I’ve not done much writing the past two days, but that’s because life is happening and writing is the last thing on my mind. But I am making progress with it and just plodding along one word at a time.

My current word count is: 3,195, which actually puts me just on track for the month and I’m not gonna lie to you, that’s an alien feeling to me. Being on track…

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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