Camp Nano Update 2

Hi, Hey, Hello!

This is going to be a weekly thing for the month as a good check point, mainly for myself, as to where I am on a week on week basis.

Last week I was on track which amazed me and was also something that I knew would not last. Because that is just the way things work during crazy writing session months. But, unlike before, I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

It’s really not the end of the world  and to be honest once I get into a groove with it I will blaze through words easily I know it. That’s a thing that happens when you actually have a plot and an idea of what the hell you are actually doing and are excited about it all as a whole. You can just dive in and out and then work through it all later.

I am still figuring out aspects of my plot and my characters and building this world up and so there always seems like there is something that I can be focusing on which makes the fact that my word count goal is not being reached kind of okay. Although I am currently working through it chronically I know that there are certain scenes that I have in my head that I am really excited to see play out when I finally get them out onto a page and I can fall onto them if I get really stuck going the methodical manner that I have been going for so far.

Basically I had a good week last week that culminated in me writing quite a bit on Friday and then doing nothing until Tuesday where I wrote 600 words and then it sort of fizzled out because I decided feeling pathetic for myself (and a cardio session) were a better use of my time then continuing on. I didn’t leave anything in mdi sentence and I left myself a clue as to where the hell I was going with it. I will be able to pick it back up just fine come later today when I’m actually going to sit down and get some writing done (after I write tomorrow’s post) and try to make up some ground with it so that I can spend the weekend doing more research based things before jumping right back in to it again.

So, current word count: 5, 405.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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