Camp Nano Update – The Final Instalment

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Hump Day innit (seriously, why is that a phrase that exists, I still don’t get it). Anyway, as I am sure that you are aware it is in fact now August and that means that July is now over and so concluded Camp Nano with it, which means that I am due to write one final update.

And this is that update.

At 18:47pm on 31/7/16 I hit the magic number. In fact I hit over the magic number, 20,076. In a flurry of typing and the start of a drought that I kind of knew was coming as I am in more of a world building mood than a plot writing one right now, I actually managed to do it.

With 2, 430 words I did it.

I have also not even looked at the damn document housing this damn novel since that time on Sunday, in fact I might even go so far as closing the damn tab (I won’t though because I am so used to it making up the very fabric of my browser that I don’t know what I do without it there). I reached a wall with it basically. The last week and a bit I just hit a massive wall. I don’t even know why, but I do know that every single time I clicked over onto the tab everything just went blank. It’s like I had the idea in my head, but I had next to no desire to actually get the idea down onto a piece of paper (electronically speaking) so I just sort of stared at the cursor flicking away and didn’t do anything with it.

But I persevered and made it through. And I can declare myself a winner:

Camp Nano - Winner
Camp Nano – Winner

A thing that I quite liked about doing this in July, 1) I had a smaller word count goal than I have ever given myself before so that made everything seem way more manageable, 2) doing these weekly updates on here was a great way of chronicling my ups and downs of the months. I definitely had a lot more downs than ups, but that’s life I guess.

I’m basically taking one massive step back from it at the moment and doing some other things (mainly more reading, because that’s taken a back seat) and going back to the drawing board (it’s a notebook) to try and flesh out some ideas that I have and also build up my characters a bit more. Basically I need to try and make the world feel a bit realer to me and ground it a bit more before I then throw myself back into writing more words (I’m acting like there aren’t 24,484 words in this document already).

So that’s it. The final update.

Camp Nano - Winner
Camp Nano – Winner

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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