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Sometimes I schedule posts as they come to me and leave myself little notes about them for myself so that I can figure out what the hell I was talking about when I semi wrote the post into existence. This is the note that I found for myself when I opened this post up to write it last night:

I’m insane, but I need to get this plot out of my head and this seems like a good time to try and bash as much out of it as I can.

The good news is I actually know what the hell I was talking about, and believe me there have been many a time when I have found little notes from past me that make no sense and I have to do some kind Sherlock mind palace shit in order to figure it out.

I don’t have to do that with this one.

April is coming up and with that comes Camp Nano. Now I failed pretty epically at Nano in November (which I still don’t really care all that much about, it turns out that idea at that time was more a spur of the moment thing that I never actually had the energy to figure out the plot properly) and you’d think that would be a deterrent for me to try and attempt it again. But Camp Nano feels different, for one because I can set my own word count goal for the month, which I haven’t done yet but I’m probably going to go go for 20,000 words. Maybe, if I’m feeling particularly inspired 25,000. I dunno, it’s currently very fluid, which is something that I like about April and July.

I’m committing to this I know that much for sure and that is for the very reason mentioned up above somewhere in the italics.

I was minding my business listening to Samantha Shannon talk about her book on a Thursday in my favourite place in all the lands, Waterstones Piccadilly (I may or may not be joking when I say this I cannot tell) when all of a sudden I got struck by an idea. And then it kind of became all that I could think of. I spent a whole weekend just writing a rough draft of what could most likely be the opening of…something.

It sort of spring boarded off a different idea I had at the turn of the year, but nothing huge came of it in terms of writing things related to the idea. Although I did have a lot of research to do with it that is definitely going to help me now. There are still various plot points that I need to figure out, but I actually have an overarching plot…I think. I hope. And this is way more than I had in November and also at the beginning of the year with the original idea. And well, this is gonna be 30 days where I am going to try and focus on this almost completely.

Which brings me on to why past me decided to declare us insane. As I mentioned last week I am in the middle of some kind of slump that has seemingly seeped into all areas of my creative life. Except for in short bursts where I write so many words that I think it may be coming back and I am proved wrong. As you can probably guess the maybe opening for something happened in one of those bursts of inspiration. I got hit by that literally surrounded by other peoples words encased in beautifully bound books. I do not spend much of time in that situation, which means if that is currently the only time I am even remotely creative then I am truly fucked next month or I’m going have to use all my holiday so I can spend all my time in Piccadilly…

I’m obviously not going to do that second one, although I might do it on Saturdays if I can brave the crowds.

But I still don’t quite know how I’m going to write anything close to that maybe 20,000 if I struggle to write 500 words at the moment, but I do know that I’m going to try and bash as much of this idea out as I can over the month of April…whilst also maintaining something else on this blog that will become apparent soon.

So yeah, I’m doing Camp Nano again next month. Wish me luck (trust me I think I’m gonna need it).

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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