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Current Fitness Plan

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As has probably become apparent over this past year or so, I’m kind of into exercise now. I’ve done a version of this at some point last year, but there were some changes to it over the course of the year.

And there may be some changes to it over the next few weeks as well. This is because over the past 5 or so months I totally dropped yoga and pilates out of my routine completely and added more cardio into it. I sort of forced myself to do a bit more cardio because I needed to overcome a mental hurtle and cardio was the way to do that.

I’ve reached a point with it where I feel good about it and I have fallen into a pretty easy routine, that I also remain not too precious about because that way lies madness. And obviously just as I have felt comfortable with it I now plan to make some changes to it so that my body doesn’t get too complacent with it.

However, I’ve yet to do that yet and so here I am talking about what I am currently doing.

It’s now 5 days a week, which I saw coming let’s be real. What I didn’t see coming was the order that things are now in terms of days on and days off. The rest days are now Monday and Friday, on Mondays I now wash my hair and Fridays I do nothing, but I may start making it a foam roller day.

So let’s start at the beginning of the week, Tuesdays are now legs and abs focused. It burns but it starts out the week right although it does make the rest of the week slightly interesting as sometimes my glutes DOM up and the rest of the week becomes a test of some sorts. Wednesdays are still boxing days for now which is my first big hit of cardio for the week. Thursdays are now weights day. It’s all about TUT which is a bitch I gotta be honest, but I’ve already felt myself getting stronger and I’ve only been doing it for a few months now. This also comes with a bit of cardio in it, so it covers a lot of bases

Saturdays are now also a cardio day. The class is called Rebounding. It takes place on a mini trampoline. It kind of feels a little bit silly, but also is a lot of fun and really hits a lot of bases. The usually the sweatiest I get all week and I love it. Sundays are then cardio barre, because the additions of gliders is a bitch and I can now no longer hear Sound of the Underground again in the same way. It also funnily enough gives a final hit of cardio before I transition into my second rest day.

The fact that I know work out of my weekends is the part that baffles me most. I was a person who would sleep until noon quite happily and over Christmas this happened quite a bit. I would just lounge about in bed for hours on end and it felt great to be honest. It was much needed, but that’s not the point. The point is that I know work out on weekends and feel great about it.

I’m pretty sure it will stay at 5 days because the idea of making it anymore does sound insane and also kind of not manageable. The way I currently have it set up works for me and it means that I get to have two complete rest days which come Friday by body needs and well I legit need a free evening to deal with my hair so that needs to stay where it is.

And that is my current routine with it all. It’s a lot heavier in cardio than it used to be but it also challenges me on a weekly basis and I definitely feel myself getting stronger and looking stronger as well.

Like I said at the beginning this is most likely going to change soon so that I can a bit more stretching involved and get a bit more toning in. Also cardio barre has already been switched out for regular barre, just because the timetable at my studio changed and this works out better.

But for now that is it what it is what it is.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!main-sign-off


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Activewear Faves

Hi, Hey, Hello!


You may have noticed that there is a new category on this blog, and that category is fitness. That’s because it has become an increasingly more important aspect of my life and so I am gonna start talking about it a little more, as will be evidenced by this little sequence of posts that is happening on here, tomorrow’s will also be similarly themed.

The thing about exercising is that you need to have the attire to do so. And if you’re me the outfits have to be complete and it has to be cute, because sometimes that is my only motivation to go and work out. To break in something new. It means that I have a lot of sportswear in my life, which is handy because I need them more days than not now.

I used to be pretty open to trying anything that was sportswear from anywhere but over the past few months I’ve realised that there is only one place that owns my heart when it comes to the shit I’m going to work out in. I’ll get to them. In the meantime here are some of my other activewear faves.

New Look

I got a lot of my tank tops from there for the most part because they went through a phase a couple of seasons ago where it was all about the racerback and they were all plain and it was great. I stocked up. And I’m glad I did because then they came out of rotation or something and I couldn’t find them, they are back though so if I need anymore then I know the option is there. They also have some cute slogan ones that sometimes catch my eye and draw me in, but for the most part I keep my tops plain


Two out of the three pairs of trainers that I own are Nike and I love them. They are firmly gym wear only. I own one pair of leggings from them, but they are low rise and I’ve recently come to the conclusion that high waisted leggings are the only way to go for me. They’re not squat proof though meaning that the occasions that I can watch it are minimal, the pattern is cute though.


The pattern on their leggings can be hella cute sometimes and they are usually always high waisted, I have 4 pairs of leggings from them and only one pair aren’t but that’s not too much bother in the grand scheme of things. My issue with these leggings is that they are minimum compression and so they fall down quite easily which is mildly annoying.

Victoria Sport/PINK

My issue with these two is that they are expensive. However they do also always seem to have some kind of sale/deal going on and so I pick and choose when to buy them from here. What I love about them is that they offer ‘long’ options for their leggings which is great when you have 37 inch legs. The leggings are also super soft and offer a decent amount of compression which means that I hardly ever have to yank them up mid workout. The bras are also really good, also my PINK leggings have well placed fairly deep pockets, which I will tell everyone I know about whenever I wear them.

New Balance

My other pair of trainers is from here and I love them. They are full on from street to studio trainers and they do it well. If I could I would live in them, but then they would get worn down and become useless and then I would be sad. The ones I have were in collaboration with Sweaty Betty which brings me on to the next one.

Sweaty Betty

I only own one bra and a pair of leggings from there and they are good. The bra is front closing, which I’m sure is maybe better if you have bigger boobs than I. The leggings are kinda squat proof kinda not. It’s weird, how they work. I would get more stuff from there if it wasn’t so damn expensive. But there is one new set that is on the horizon that is honestly already tempting me.

And now we move onto my fave:


First of all I love that you can but complete outfits at a discounted price starting at £44. Secondly, the quality of the leggings is just sooooo good. I have so many pairs now and I get weirdly excited at the prospect of new ones coming out, because they come out every month and that is also real great for me because it means that if I so choose to I can scratch the itch to buy new stuff, which most months I do at some point I cannot lie. I am weak. But back to the leggings, they are so good, there are loads of options but over the months I have shifted over to high waisted only. They are also maximum compression, which I won’t lie, makes them a nightmare to get on and off, but when they are on they are on. And because this is a perk in these cold nights, they are thick. Everything gets held into place and most of them are squat proof. The bras are also pretty good as well, they offer a variety of support and also are hella cute. The tops are a bit hit and miss. I usually end up returning them, which gets added onto your account as store credit, which is nice. Also the outwear is super cute and so versatile and it really does feel like you can wear them from studio to street, which I do on the way to the gym but not after because sweaty sportswear is just naaatt good.

But they are my fave and at this point they are my go to for everything sports bra and leggings related. But it does also come as a slight relief when a new month’s collection drops and I’m not immediately drawn to any of the outfits because sometimes I love several and it’s slightly problematic for my bank account.

Because I am technically on a buying ban, I did it for the month of November and lasted until about mid-December before I caved due to a sale, but I’m now back on it. It is lasting for this month as far as I can tell, not that I can make that kind of assumption because it’s not over yet. I’m looking to try and keep it up for as long as I can as part of my goals for this year.

But those are my activewear faves. Fabletics is bae and the root of my obsession and I’m done talking about them now.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!


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In the Case of Protein

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Can I just say that I am very aware that the title of this post is kind of ridiculous, but as we all know titles are not my strong suit.

I’m talking about protein powders.

I use them.

Currently only on days that I work out, but as I mentioned the other day that is now 5 times a week.

I’ve used both whey and vegan protein and so I’m gonna talk about them because it just felt like something interesting to talk about…and also because there was a note in my phone about it.

So, I had to convert to vegan protein recently, and by recently I mean in October and so that is where I’m at with this now. Still on the vegan protein.

This is mainly because I forgot that whey protein is a form of dairy. I have to keep my intake of dairy to as low as I can because it doesn’t sit right with me in ‘large doses’. I can have 2 flat whites a day and am fine, if I have 3 it all goes tits up. I eat cheese on pizza and I’m partial to a bit of feta. Plus at Christmas time I go in on the Baileys. But for the most part I keep it to a minimum.

Which is why it explained so damn much when I was reminded that whey was a form of dairy, because while the protein powder was doing it’s job it was also making me feel a little bit less than great. I mean I was still feeling fine once I got some food in me and because I drink so much damn water the effects weren’t so bad that they ruined my life or anything.

But it was a dairy product that I was consuming 5 times a week when I got back on protein powder come September/October time and so I needed to cut it out because I’m less inclined to give up my second flat white.

Anyway, now I’m on vegan protein and I guess it has made a difference in terms of sitting better with me but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still miss my whey protein. Oh by the way, these are always chocolate flavoured, natural just sounds unappealing and I’m not a huge fan of vanilla flavoured products outside of ice cream (and I don’t like chocolate ice cream all that much, go figure).

Strpped – Whey

This was my very first protein powder and I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t necessarily love it. I only bought it once and then I moved on to one that got the better reviews and seemed more trustworthy and so I switched. I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember much about it, I think it tasted chocolatey enough and it blended well enough, but I don’t have anything else to offer about this.

Neat Nutrition – Whey

This was the one that I switched to. And I loved it. It had a great flavour, it blended well. It was creamy. It was nice. I loved it. I am still so sad that I had to say goodbye to it. I went through 2 or 3 bags I think before I had my realisation.

Neat Nutrition – Vegan

When I had to make the switch it made sense to me that I should just stick with the same brand. And so I did. I hated this after the first few times because it didn’t blend properly and it tasted sooooo different to the one that I had come to love. I think because I just had to jump straight into using it quite frequently I got used to it quite quickly. It blends better now actually, it’s honestly just a case of how long I leave the damn shaker to dry the night before. Not joking, it happened with the whey as well. My main issue with this one is mouth feel. It feels earthy or something in my mouth, as opposed to creamy. Most of the time it’s fine and to be honest it’s gone within about 5 minutes once it’s fully shaken so I don’t notice it that much. Sometimes I notice it though and it’s gross.

VITL – Vegan

Okay, this shit is legit. It blends like a whey and I loved it. I got a free sachet of it over Black Friday and I kind of didn’t expect much of it. It has a lot of other vitamins in as well so it’s more enhanced than my Neat one which probably helps with the blend of it and also the creaminess of it. The taste of chocolate was also sooooo strong and good. The problem with this one is that it’s significantly more expensive than my usual one. The biggest package you can get this in is 500g and I can get 1kg for £34 of the Neat stuff and that lasted me about 6 weeks. A 500g pouch cost £29.95 one off or £24.95 if I get it monthly, which might not actually be enough meaning that it would be an expensive supplement to keep. However, this is my treat yo self protein, so when I finish my current bag I will get a bag of this. I love it so much. It’s my favourite.

Can I just say that I probably won’t change from my Neat one until I can maybe find one that I don’t mind drinking 5 times a week and I’m not about to spend money on one that turns out to be awful and then get stuck with it for weeks, the one I currently have is fine. So I’m in research mode for that anyway, I heard things about Awesome Supplements and how their vegan protein is good, so that might be a potential in around about a month’s time when I am looking for a new one.

And that’s me talking about protein powder for nearly 1,000 words.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!


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