• Letters to Autumn 31
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 31

    Dear Autumn, Where the hell did this month go? I feel like I say this after every month comes to an end this year, but seriously it has just flown by. To the point where I feel like I’ve not achieved anything this month. That’s not true of course. There are loads of little things that I’ve achieved. Like I had an extended period of time of total rest. I finally got a massage. I wrote 29 letters and therefore prepped myself for next month to some level. I mean I haven’t written 1,000 (I worryingly can’t remember the daily word count is for NaNo, I know the rolling nature…

  • Letters to Autumn 30
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 30

    Dear Autumn, At the beginning of the month I started a letter to you. It ran for about a page before it took a turn that I hadn’t anticipated when I started writing it. I mean I literally never know where any of these things are going to go but I have a rough arc in my head. But as I wrote this particular one it just ran away from the arc I had planned for it. And it caught me off guard. To the point where I just kind of let it sit and took some away from it. And then never went back to it. I left space…

  • Letters to Autumn 29
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 29

    Dear Autumn, First of all, winter seems to have really come out with a force. A cold force. That 2* on the walk to the station this morning was a lot to take in. The winter coat is back out, I just found my gloves in said coat, I just felt all snuggly and shit. It meant getting out of bed was a little less shit because I stayed warm. I am also about to enter some kind of book review writing hell. I have 11 to write. 11. I’m an idiot. Because a smart person would write them as I read them. And the smart person in me, because…

  • Letters to Autumn 28
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 28

    Dear Autumn, Update: my shoulders still hurt. I mean, again, it’s to be expected because today was weights day, but that’s a different thing entirely. The clocks went back today which means that I got an extra hour in bed and therefore got nearly 11 hours sleep which was so very much needed. I mean I woke up at 9 because my body kind of knew that it was technically 10 and so I would need to gear up to getting out of bed, but I didn’t have to get up for 90 minutes and I enjoyed those 90 minutes. Nearly 11 hours, that amount of sleep is almost unheard…

  • Letters to Autumn 27
    Letters to Autumn

    Letters to Autumn 27

    Dear Autumn, My shoulders hurt. It’s to be expected when you carry your relatively heavy backpack on your backs for hours. It wasn’t intentional, but for some reason I just kept walking around. I think I walked into every H&M that you can on Oxford Street, sitting on my sofa now I couldn’t really tell you why I did that, I kind of knew what I was going to but after I went int eh first one. So that was pointless. I also think I want a new winter coat now because I made the terrible mistake of trying a new one and I fell in love with it. It’s…