• July Playlist

    July Playlist

    Hi, Hey, Hello! It’s the end of the month and so that can only mean one thing. Playlist time. I’ve been listening to the same songs almost all month on repeat with the occasional radio breaks at work. 1) New Rules -Dua Lipa I have maybe just about reached the point with this song where I have listened to this song so much that I am starting to not like it anymore. But I am not there yet. It’s so good. I love it so much. 2) Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato Sometimes a song some along that just adds fuel to a fire that was almost burned out.…

  • June Playlist

    June Playlist

    Hi, Hey, Hello! I missed May’s playlist for two reasons one, I wasn’t in the mood and two, I’ve listened to pretty much the same songs for months now out of habit and anything that was new I sort of didn’t register properly. But I’m back now and I have become very obsessed with quite a few songs recently. 1) Kiwi – Harry Styles I love the whole album, but this was and is my stand out from the whole thing. I am so obsessed with it. It was on repeat for a very long time. 2) Land of Lola – Kinky Boots You know me, I am always looking…

  • April Playlist

    April Playlist

    Hi, Hey, Hello! Aah a taste of the norm before I get chucked out of Letters to Spring by the harsh turning of the clocks into a different month. Opening a post like that did feel a bit odd though, it feels like it’s been an age. Anyway, it’s the last Sunday of the month, and also the last day of the month (I love it when that happens) so that can only mean one thing. Music time. (To be honest I was so focused on getting through LTS that I sort of forgot to take notes on all the songs that I have been loving this month, so these…

  • March Playlist

    March Playlist

    Hi, Hey, Hello! We all know the drill, this month’s playlist is: 1) Truth Be Told – THEY So, currently with every new song of these that I have stumbled across I have loved. This is no exception 2) Slide – Calvin Harris, Migos and Frank Ocean This is such a summer song, plus it gives me more Frank Ocean vocals and I will never be mad at that. 3) Shape of You – Ed Sheeran and Stormzy When this happened at the BRITS I instantly fell in love. The song was great in the first place, but Stormzy’s verse just elevated it even further. 4) Spare Time – Club…

  • February Playlist

    February Playlist

    Hi, Hey, Hello! Look a post at the usually scheduled time, go me! Horrifyingly it is now the last Sunday of the month and so that can only mean one thing. Playlist time.  1)  Carry Me Home – Jorga Smith This song is so beautiful and simple. It calms me down, which I need to do more to be brutally honest. 2) Now or Later – Sage the Gemini The Snapchat song. Which annoyed me at first, but now I am really appreciating it at all times. It makes me want to dance and stuff. 3) Bad and Bougee- Migos Shout to Donald Glover for bringing this song to my attention.…