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I am actually on time with this one, even in amongst my current little blog project, so let’s have another check in shall we?

1) Learn how to fuck with eyeshadow

I was about to say that I’ve hardly worn make up these past couple of months, but that’s a lie. I have, the truth is I just haven’t made the investment in any eye shadows or the brushes that I would use to apply them. It’s just not been high up on my list of things to do, I dunno why. Probably because I am good at the one face of make up that I can do and I can get it done in 15 minutes which proves useful sometimes.

2) Learn how to do a full pull up

This is not something that I have even attempted to start trying to be able to do. I am all about trying to improve my upper body strength right now and so I am doing stuff that works my arms and chest a lot, but none of that has translated into me even attempting to do one pull up. I’m scared of them, this is the problem, this is why I have made it a goal for the year.

3) Be able to a full push up

Look, on Wednesday 14th March, mainly because I was trying to make up how shitty the workout the night before went, I did 5 whole full push ups that had a decent range of motion and was done on my toes and not my knees. So this one is making progress. I have also managed to do more since that date. I mean the reps aren’t ever all that high and for the most part I can’t get that much full of motion, but I can do it enough sometimes.

4) Read 70 books

I’m slowly making my way towards being halfway through this challenge and we are not yet halfway through the year, so this feels like it is going well for me. I mean I hit a bit of a reading slump at the end of last month, but this is moving in the right direction. I’m currently at 23 books (almost).

5) Lift heavier

I said I wanted to be at 20kg squat weight, 10/12kg arms and barbell complexes/lunges/clean and presses by July and we’ve just closed April out and I am still at what I was at when I broke the weights thing down in the last one of these. However, I say this, on Sunday I went up in weights, so I’m just about fucking with 17.5kg squats, 10kg arms and then barbell complexes was at both 12kg and then 10kg because I had to go down for the final track because I could not get through it with 12kg. The squat weight felt almost fine when it was racked back when I had to go front rack my wrists were not a fan. 10kg arms is maybe a tad ambitious so that may now be the last to go up while I work on the barbell complexes and stuff first. I felt strong. It felt kind of good. Every single muscle in my body was shaky af when I finished. But the weights are making a difference and I kind of love them for it.

6) Eat more fruit and veg

I’m still really hit and miss with that. The good news is that we are reaching the season where all my fave fruits are back in season and are tasting good. I always eat more fruit when the weather is warmer. So this is kind of a work in progress. There are small changes that are happening each day with this one that I am just kind of rolling with because it was never going to change overnight.

7) Cook More

Hey, look which one is still going nowhere? Don’t get me wrong, I do cook. I can cook just fine and I cook well, but I just don’t do it often and that hasn’t really changed. My main reason for this one was just that I wanted to be a bit more in control of my diet because that is like 80% of the battle when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, but that has just naturally changed over time anyway as it became more glaringly obvious in my house that I wasn’t fucking about with that thing.

8) Finish the damn book

This is a slow moving goal for obvious reasons. I felt really motivated at the beginning of April as I always do when the time comes around and in theory it comes with a month of epic writing sessions, and I did make some real progress with it during the time that I was off from work and went on holiday and all that jazz but then I had to get back into the routine of being at work and it really took a lot out of me for some reason, because 2 weeks is enough to make it feel like you are at the bottom of the mountain and have to hike back up again and so I fell out of being motivated for it. And now I’m just hovering at nearly 10,000 words.

9) Write for half an hour a day

See above about the fact that I have been very unmotivated to write and so therefore this one is also currently not even close to being a habit.

10) Get better organised

Look, we all know the answer to this one don’t we…?

11) Get my Peak score to 900

I’m in the 830’s, so you know this one is plodding along. I will tell you that I lost my epic daily streak because on the day that I got to Amsterdam I fucking forgot to complete one of the games and only remembered after midnight meaning that I had to start from one again. Is this a real issue? No. But it still on some level continues to make me feel some type of way.

12) Meditate more

This is my spring/summer goal. I need to build it and make it a habit. I really, really do. It’s my May project.

13) Save, save, save

This is kind of going fine, kind of not. There’s been no change there. One day, I swear I will report one and it’s gonna be mind blowing.

14) Put more effort into blogging

I think at this point all the foundation work for this is done. The rest is just stuff that I have to do in terms of putting content up and also being better at sharing it. And yeah, I did just quietly change the theme on here whilst I was gone in March.

15) The Masters

This remains the most complicated thing for me. I was fully pumped to do this for a lot of last year and then my mental health took a hit and doing anything remotely related to education was so far from my mind that it was hilarious. Then when I started thinking about it again this year there was just a massive question mark above it. A huge, flashing one that seemed to give off a red colour. And because I took that time away from the decision I have found myself now questioning if that is even something that I want to do. It’s an extra 2 years in education and education actually broke me come the end of it. Maybe it’s a case of feel the fear and do it anyway, or maybe it’s something that I shouldn’t do. I don’t really know anymore. I’m still pondering.

And that is my second check in of the year. On the one hand there are some improvements and I can feel some habits forming, on the other hand there is still some areas where I really need to try and make them second nature for me. But this is where I am at with this at the moment.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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