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I am very much a break glass for emergency tag kind of girl. One because I find them to be a fun way to shake off the cobwebs should I ever find myself falling into some kind of rut and two because they are kind of a fun way to get know a bit more about in a fairly random way.

Which I think this one will prove. I fell into some kind of blog vortex on Sunday night after I searched for something and that led me to this post and well, I love me a cocktail so this seemed kind of perfect for me and now here it is:

Martini: means business! If you could have any job what would it be?

I had this weird dream the other day that I was a model, which in a fully conscious state I do not think I actually want to be so I don’t know what my sub-conscious was on about there. In my non dream life I want to work with words. And books. Be that in publishing or as an actual writer. I just want to work in something that feels creative in some way. And with words. I did not study words and literature for 3 years intensively and loose a part of my sanity to not work with them in some way one day.

Mojito: time to let your hair down! What’s your idea of a great night out?

Cocktails, food and laughs. I haven’t been out out for over 3 years now and while on the one hand I feel like I should be doing that a little more given that I am in my mid-20s, I cannot deny that I much prefer just eating alll the food and having a few cocktails and then ya know, being at home before midnight…

Pina Colada: the famous drink or the famous karaoke song! What’s your belt-out karaoke tune?

I haven’t been to karaoke in, like, 3 years. I’m not really a fan, I have to be very drunk to even begin to think that it is a good idea. The last time I did though I sang two songs and they were What Makes You Beautiful and Mr Brightside.

Bloody Mary: the notorious hangover-curing drink. What’s your go-to hangover cure?

It’s a bacon sandwich. More specifically a Pret bacon sandwich. Which has become a slight issue because I now no longer work near a Pret and so getting through any kind of hangover on a weekday is psychologically very difficult. Now it’s just coffee, water and a lot of talking about how hungover I am.

Manhattan: a true New York drink! Which city do you dream of visiting?

California. Which isn’t a city per se. But it encompasses a few of the cities that I do want to visit. Those cities being San Diego, San Fransisco and LA. Then there is also Las Vegas, Chicago and Boston. I want to go back to New York. I feel like I should see Sydney at least once.

Then there is a lot of Europe that I want to go to. Like back to Paris, Venice, Rome, actually just a lot of Italy. Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona. There are other Greek islands that I want to visit.

I just want to do a lot of travelling.

Long Island Ice Tea: quite a mix of ingredients! What are your three favourite foods or drinks?

I literally only drink water on a regular basis. And coffee. And then sometimes I drink a lot of vodka tonics or a lot of cocktails (which tend to be vodka based).

And then food wise, burgers, pizza and brownies. Or any kind of dessert really, but mainly brownies.


Cosmopolitan:  made famous by Sex and the City! Tag three friends to take part in this Cocktails and Dream tag!

I am notoriously bad at actually tagging people to do these kinds of things, I’m mainly a free for all kind of gal. So if you wanna give it a shot, have at it.

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