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May Contain Coffee Withdrawal.

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Straight to the point today in a strange turn of events for me.

What is going on with me?

Well mainly I have become slightly obsessed with juices that have kale in them, I don’t know how it happened but it did and now I have a minor craving at all times for the formerly suspicious murky green juice. Which is a good thing because it is mildly distracting me from my other serious, serious craving.

Now you may remember that I wrote an outpouring of love to a certain drink that is like nectar to me, and if you don’t, well here it is. The reason I bring your attention to it is because for the month of February I somewhat stupidly, and impulsively, decided to give up coffee. I have no idea why, but I am determined to make it to the 28th (and no, it is not lost on me that I chose the shortest month of the year to give something up, but maybe subconsciously that is why I chose this one).

All was well until the 6th and then I walked into Waitrose and was welcomed with the overpowering scent of coffee and well now that smell is haunting my every moment. I notice it a lot more than I used to and I notice people clutching their take away cups tightly to their chests in the windy cold that is currently latching on to where I live (and a lot of other places). I walk past three different coffee shops in my day to day life on most days and I notice people huddled up in them looking warm or being productive with varying sized mugs resting next to them with gentle wisps of smoke coming off them and holding the promise of caffeine. The beautiful promise of caffeine.

You could say I miss it a bit (and that would be an understatement). With each passing day I wonder why I ever thought it was a good idea to give it up because the craving gets stronger and stronger with every minute that crawls by. So even though this is the shortest month of the year, a part of me feels like it is the longest month ever (which is saying something because January is always the longest month of the year, something about it following December, which always seems to fly by, means it just drags.) But I am going to make the most of the next 14 days as opposed to just wish time away so that I can finally get my hands wrapped around a mug of coffee (but I am still looking forward to that moment).

Now this time again, I always think this will be the post that I don’t use them and then…Parentheses count: 5. See you on Wednesday.

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