Confession Wednesday – The Quiz Show Edition

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I feel like the title sets the scene quite well to be honest.

I have a confession of a ‘problem’ that embedded its way into my life many a moon ago. The moon of unemployment.

Daytime TV sucks. Seriously it sucks. After This Morning finishes there is a drought of anything worth watching. Until about 3pm (it’s a drought of 2 and a half hours and I usually left the house round about then, because otherwise I would just not remember what other people were).

3pm until 7ish is the golden time for quiz shows.

And my god are there a lot of those out there. Ones that I became very well acquainted with in the hours that were the afternoon of being unemployed. I would say that it was a dark time, but that would be a lie because I am now a fountain of pointless knowledge and I quite enjoy that.

But seriously, there was not a daytime quiz show that I left uncovered. 1000 Heartbeats, The Chase, Pointless etc. Honestly the list goes on, and this is just daytime. I mean I watch a lot of quiz shows, but the ones in the evening seem less about the questions and more about laughing. But the point is, I pretty much became consumed by them and the highlight of my day was when I got answers right.

And then I got a job and the daytime quiz shows were taken from me (not in a bad way, but it was really jarring). So I stopped  filling my head with random facts about random shit…until I didn’t.

Until one night when I was flicking through the channels I ended up on Only Connect and then proceeded to feel like I have been taught anything. Ever. But I remembered the ‘rush’ (I honestly don’t know how else to describe it) that I got back in the middle of the afternoon. That weird feeling of possibility that I might actually get a question right. One that I never thought I would get right.

I basically kinda enjoyed the feeling of academic inadequacy. To the point that I came back to it week on week. And continued to stare at it with a look of total confusion as I continued to realise that I have no clear what the hell is being talked about.

Then I started changing the channel a little earlier and got proper into University Challenge if only for the way that Paxman seems so very done with everything. And also because it honestly makes me question whether or not I ever actually went to uni. I honestly know nothing. There were probably better ways to spend a Monday night other than sitting there in total disbelief that there are people in this world who know what the actual question was underneath all the words that were said.

There was eventually, Only Connect transitioned into something much more speed over the last few weeks of the year as it came with Nigella and we all know how much I love a cooking show. So the feeling of total knowledge inadequacy basically morphed into hunger.

I however could only remember my usual quiz shows as a fond memory as they had been replaced with mindboggling ones instead. Until the festive period arrived and I rediscovered something that was much more my niche and also a good place to demonstrate all the useless shit I call information in my head.

Mastermind and A Question of Sport are it for me. Even the specialist subjects I usually know a lot on, and well sports has always just been one of those things that I have always retained a weird amount of knowledge on (not all sports are equal to me though, I know way more about some than others). I can just sit and there spew out answer after answer, that I know I know. No need for multiple choice like some of the others that I have watched provide. I know the answer because I know the answer and that is bloody brilliant. It’s a nice pick me up before I then inevitably turned over to Mastermind and question everything I have ever known. Although I will say this, the Christmas edition of that show was easier to deal with, because if alumni don’t know the answer then what chance do I have of knowing it?

Now I am very aware that the easiest thing for me to avoid the whole feeling inferior thing would be to stop watching them, but I have never been very good at not watching things that at some base level I actually kind of enjoy. And anyway the TV schedule has done that for me this year as they currently are not on (or at least I didn’t notice if they were on this past Monday). So they have been taken from again in the same way that they were in August.

But I keep finding myself searching for the next one.

Basically I have some kind of odd obsession with watching people get asked really wordy questions and then not know the answer and get annoyed at themselves when they realise what the answer is and that they probably should know it. Or you know, they know the answer which I guess is ultimately the point.

I just really love quiz shows and I don’t really know why, but one day all the useless knowledge that I have stored in the back of my brain as a consequence is gonna come in real useful one day.

I’m sure of it.

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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