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I like to think of myself as a creative person to some degree.

I mean I maintain a blog, which is approaching 800 posts (again, I had a cull of redundant posts and it took my number down) which would suggest a level of creativity.

I am also currently in the middle of writing The Thing (the process for that shit has been so slow, but I actually have a rough idea of the plot now which is something). So there are some signs that would indicate that I am creative.

I find that being creative is some kind of release for me. Putting things into words just helps to clear out my head and sometimes it leads to something and sometimes it is literally just for my sanity so that it can cease to be in my head and is just on a page.

I write a ton of shit into random notebooks that I completely forget about then I find them again at some other random time and read over them and suddenly I am right back where I was when I was in the headspace that I was writing them in and it really helps you look at how far you’ve some of the time.

I mean I do then almost cringe at some shit, but that is all part of the process I guess. I find that the progress that you make with something as objective as writing or anything creative can sometimes go under the radar and you don’t really notice it for the most part, but then you really look at it all and you can see where the improvements have come.

Seeing those improvements also feels like a massive boost to your life and that in itself is a big thing. It’s the little boosts that help you feel a bit better when you least expect it. And they have a longer affect as well. When you feel like everything you are putting onto the page is a little bit shit they help you remember that whatever it is you are better than you were and you only keep getting better if you keep putting words on the page.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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