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As has probably become apparent over this past year or so, I’m kind of into exercise now. I’ve done a version of this at some point last year, but there were some changes to it over the course of the year.

And there may be some changes to it over the next few weeks as well. This is because over the past 5 or so months I totally dropped yoga and pilates out of my routine completely and added more cardio into it. I sort of forced myself to do a bit more cardio because I needed to overcome a mental hurtle and cardio was the way to do that.

I’ve reached a point with it where I feel good about it and I have fallen into a pretty easy routine, that I also remain not too precious about because that way lies madness. And obviously just as I have felt comfortable with it I now plan to make some changes to it so that my body doesn’t get too complacent with it.

However, I’ve yet to do that yet and so here I am talking about what I am currently doing.

It’s now 5 days a week, which I saw coming let’s be real. What I didn’t see coming was the order that things are now in terms of days on and days off. The rest days are now Monday and Friday, on Mondays I now wash my hair and Fridays I do nothing, but I may start making it a foam roller day.

So let’s start at the beginning of the week, Tuesdays are now legs and abs focused. It burns but it starts out the week right although it does make the rest of the week slightly interesting as sometimes my glutes DOM up and the rest of the week becomes a test of some sorts. Wednesdays are still boxing days for now which is my first big hit of cardio for the week. Thursdays are now weights day. It’s all about TUT which is a bitch I gotta be honest, but I’ve already felt myself getting stronger and I’ve only been doing it for a few months now. This also comes with a bit of cardio in it, so it covers a lot of bases

Saturdays are now also a cardio day. The class is called Rebounding. It takes place on a mini trampoline. It kind of feels a little bit silly, but also is a lot of fun and really hits a lot of bases. The usually the sweatiest I get all week and I love it. Sundays are then cardio barre, because the additions of gliders is a bitch and I can now no longer hear Sound of the Underground again in the same way. It also funnily enough gives a final hit of cardio before I transition into my second rest day.

The fact that I know work out of my weekends is the part that baffles me most. I was a person who would sleep until noon quite happily and over Christmas this happened quite a bit. I would just lounge about in bed for hours on end and it felt great to be honest. It was much needed, but that’s not the point. The point is that I know work out on weekends and feel great about it.

I’m pretty sure it will stay at 5 days because the idea of making it anymore does sound insane and also kind of not manageable. The way I currently have it set up works for me and it means that I get to have two complete rest days which come Friday my body needs and well I legit need a free evening to deal with my hair so that needs to stay where it is.

And that is my current routine with it all. It’s a lot heavier in cardio than it used to be but it also challenges me on a weekly basis and I definitely feel myself getting stronger and looking stronger as well.

Like I said at the beginning this is most likely going to change soon so that I can a bit more stretching involved and get a bit more toning in. Also cardio barre has already been switched out for regular barre, just because the timetable at my studio changed and this works out better.

But for now that is it what it is what it is.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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