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I think about this a lot. Basically I spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect place to set up shop and write. I think I’ve done a version of this before on here but it’s probably a bit different now (I did do this before, it’s here. It’s mostly the same to be honest, apart from a few changes here and there).

I don’t know why I think about this so much, I spend most of my time sat on my sofa at some weird ass angles with my laptop at an equally weird angle just typing away and sometimes I sit in a cafe and write there. But I am mainly on my sofa. And yet I spend a lot of time thinking of other places that I think I would like to write, when in actual fact the vision that I have would just be very distracting because I am easily distracted. But for now though, I’m gonna channel a version of my inner Virginia Woolf.

There are windows. Massive windows. With a view. A part of me wants that view to be the ocean, but that is impractical because I am a Londoner to the core and the ocean isn’t near to the city. But there is a lot of greenery in and around the city. So I’ll take that. Some greenery and massive windows. The windows are for the natural light. I have a love/hate relationship with natural light. On the one hand it’s great and something about it makes me want to be productive, but when it’s really sunny outside then the glare is real (side note, I looked at a different screen to read something for someone at the work the other day and the glare on their screen compared to mine actually made my eyes hurt, they sit directly behind me, at a different angle, but the difference is almost blinding). Having said that though if there is the kind of weather outside where the glare is going to be that bad then my productivity levels are probably going to be quite low anyway.

Moving away from the massive windows and the potential views, I also spend a lot of time thinking about desks. Why I don’t know, I kind of didn’t think about the fact that I think about this a lot until I saw the prompt for it and then realised that I wasn’t thinking about it for the first time but rather I was pulling it together from my brain’s own personal Pinterest board. But back onto the desk, it would be large, black and wooden. It needs to be big because I have a problem with mess, in that I somehow make a lot of it without even meaning too. I for some reason manage to acquire a lot of paper and then it all just ends up in some kind of organised chaos wherever I am (on Friday I finally cleared up my work desk and it honestly looks like a whole different space). So I need the space for all those pieces of paper to inhabit. And yes there would be pieces of paper, because I still work about 40% with pen and paper and most of my initial ideas start on stray pieces of paper that I pull out of whatever notebook I write it in in the first place. And then obviously I need a space for my laptop and all the various other pieces of stationary that I really don’t need but have anyway. And well it’s black, because I’m me and I will almost always buy it in black over everything else.

There is a part of me that sometimes entertains the idea of this little writing room of mine being equipped with a desktop but it would have to be one with no wires, because the way that I sit at desks is not conducive to wires, seriously the make me feel like I’m chained to my desk and that is not what I want in this case. So if there is to be a desktop involved then there is also to be no wires included.

Now onto the desk chair. I am so picky about chairs in general it’s almost ridiculous. I had a chair at work that I chose in some vain attempt to improve my posture but that lasted about a month before I realised that I need the option to cross my legs on my chair and so one with arms needed to do one. So no arms on the chair. It also needs to be cushiony. Really cushiony. Like the kind of cushiony that almost feels like it is going to swallow you into it, if that makes any sense. Obviously in keeping with the general decor it would be black (although the walls of this imaginary room would be white, to do with the natural light thing and also to keep the room somewhat bright when it’s inevitably gloomy outside of my massive windows). It would also need to be quite high backed, but not high backed enough that I couldn’t rest my head back and it almost be kind of pillowed on it. And then the seat itself needs to be deep enough that I can curl up in on myself like some kind of pretzel and it not be totally uncomfortable. For some reason I feel like the thing that I am most picky about is the place in which I would sit in this non-existent room, which is hilarious given what I mentioned earlier about how I spend most of time sat at weird angles on my sofa.

Then there are the miscellaneous items. I don’t quite now if I am a candle person, but I feel like I like the aesthetic of candles being dotted around places and plus some of them look really pretty without even being lit (never forget that on some level I am driven purely by aesthetics…). Then there would be some pictures dotted about of people (that I know obvi) and the such just make it feel a bit warmer. And then there would be some kind of lamp situation. It would either be a solely practical kind of lamp or one that also served it’s purpose but was kind of quirky…maybe not quirky but you know, just not your bog standard lamp, I spend a lot of time on the homewear section of various websites I know slightly left field lamps exist. And then there would be a couple of my favourite books just as some kind of inspiration for when things get tough (these would currently be the first Harry Potter book (although it would have to be the illustrated version because I still haven’t taken my box set out of the plastic and I am not inclined to do this, even in a make believe world), The Night Circus, American Gods, Wishful Drinking and the whole Bone Season series so far (partly for the pretty spines, told you aesthetics driven…)

And that’s kind of it for this slightly updated version of my ideal writing space. It still involves windows and being fussy over rather minuscule aspects.

Parentheses count: 8. See you tomorrow!

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