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So I watched this video the other day and because the thought of putting myself in front of a camera terrifies me for a whoooolllleeee heap of reasons I decided to write the answers instead because that I can do just fine.

1) Disney scene you wish you could experience.

If I could just be the character then I would be Quasimodo just swinging around and climbing the viaducts of Notre Dame. However if it is me in the scene as me then it would be…I See the Light. That whole scene, purely because it is one of the most practical to achieve I guess (always thinking of being practical it would seem) and also because it is really freaking pretty.

2) Best experience at one of the Disney parks.

Not gonna lie, I have only been once with all of the intentions of going again but that is currently far too impractical a thing to try and achieve (and for the past two years I have been so close to Disney Land/World and yet so far). The one time I have been was when I was much younger.

3) First time you went to a Disney park.

I was like 8 I think, I was young and I don’t really remember much of it except that I was too scared to go on Space Mountain.

4) If you could choose any of the characters to be your friend who it would it be?

Anna from Frozen, she just kind of felt like my spirit animal when I first watched the film. But also Belle because she is my original spirit character and probably always will be (plus she has access to THAT library and well that is a big plus).

5) Favourite Disney princesses.

Top three are in this order: Belle, Ariel and Tiana

6) Name a scene or moment in any Disney film that makes you cry

The last like 15 minutes of The Princess and the Frog gets me every time but that isn’t just a scene, so a singular one, I think it would be what Belle does for her dad at any point in the film tbh, it gets me 9/10 times. (There are loads I reckon but the others that may affect that I have clearly suppressed).

7) First Disney movie you remember seeing.

Pocahontas, I have been informed on several occasions that I watched this film a countless number of times as a young kid. And while I don’t remember the frequency of my viewing of this film, it is the first one that I remember seeing.

8) Favourite Disney movie.

Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. They tie for me. I love them for very different reasons and cannot pick just one.

9) Best Disney villain.

Scar. But Gaston is freaking terrifying because he just a man and a terrible human being. (And also part of me is partial to Yzma and Hades, people who know me pretty well kinda know why)

10) Favourite Disney song.

I have a special place in my heart for Beauty and the Beast, the Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. The same also applies for Christina Aguilera’s Reflection. But actual film versions of songs and I can only have one…it’s gonna have to be Belle, including the reprise. (But also Gaston is a hilarious song and I love it, Can You Feel the Love Tonight is beautiful and then Timon and Pumba have that moment and make you laugh but also want to cry a little bit. While we are in The Lion King realm, Not One of Us from the second one is underrated if you ask me, as it that whole film, it is one of the better sequels) (My best friend talks about God Help the Outcasts all the time and it wasn’t until I watched Hunchback again that I realised that the whole soundtrack to that film is so, so underappreciated, and this song is stunning and beautiful) (Let It Go is also a legitimately, amazingly well written song in my opinion and when I listen to it I feel similar to the way I feel when I listen to Defying Gravity, although that probably has a lot to do with the Idina of it all.) (I have clearly overused brackets here and I am sorry, but I can’t pick just one song, it’s too hard. I am a huge Disney song fan and there are loads that I love so much and just want to bask in the wonders of them. Done now.)

See you next week!

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