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So today I thought I would give you a little run down of some of my favourite blogging accessories. It basically involves a lot of notebooks and pens. Three of each. Don’t ask why, but that is what my life is now. It’s notebooks everywhere and losing pens like it’s going out fashion on an almost daily basis.

My blogging accessories
My blogging accessories

It looks a bit like this. At it’s worst. Usually I only have at least two of these notebooks with me at all times. And only one pen is in my bag, trusty old black biro. And having two in my bag is a 2016 thing. It’s very recent, but it has kept me a tad more organised.

So, breakdown of it all.

The spiral bound planner is my yearly one. It will last me through to the end of September (and then I get the fun task of ordering myself a shiny new one). It has a weekly break down and well then I just fill it out with all the posts that I plan on doing. If I have any notes (like ideas for content, or in terms of my monthly playlists, any songs that spring to mind) to add then I just jot them down underneath the title and carry on with my life. When the thing has been posted then I cross it off and move onto the next one.

Inside my monthly planner
Inside my monthly planner

And at the beginning of the planner is monthly breakdown which is great if I just want a quick idea of the things that I have coming up, as you can see below it is literally just the title. It acts at a self prompt basically.

Monthly breakdown, inside my planner
Monthly breakdown, inside my planner

The blue one is the new diary that I have slotted into my bag and carry it around with me on a day to day basis. It is basically my spiral bound planner just less bulky. I jot ideas down in there and can slot in any new blog post ideas that I might have as I go about my day. It’s handy because I can see what my blog schedule is and where I can fit things in and where I can’t. It’s proved quite useful so far and I imagine as I progress through a couple of blog related projects coming up it is gonna become super handy.

The smallest one is the one in which I write in should I ever get hit by an idea on the train into or out of work. It also has listed in the back all the random prompts that I look to when I am running out of ideas in general. Again, it’s always in my bag because it would be kind of useless if it wasn’t and I was on a train. And yeah I know the notes app on my phone exists buuttttt if you couldn’t guess from the fact that I need THREE notebooks to maintain a blog I am a huge fan of pen and paper. It means I catch more errors in my work (even though I still don’t catch them all…oops) and also I like having them. I like a physical representation of my work collected in various notebooks.

The pens are black, red and purple (and two are hidden from the above picture because they were keeping my place in my notebooks, I was in the middle of transferring information when I got distracted by everything else). Black is for the titles, red is if I make any edits to the post and to cross them off when they are done and purple is basically just any ideas that I might have in relation to the title. I don’t think the purple is actually necessary but I like the colour purple so I have included it.

Oh and also, these all store a lot of my creative writing pieces that have shown up on this blog:

My blogging accessories
My blogging accessories

However there are four (soon to be five) notebooks NOT photographed here. In fact two (almost three) are totally blank canvas’ waiting for me and my black pen. Some might say that 10 notebooks acquired over the past 2 years is a bit excessive, but I totally disagree…

Do any of you have any favourite blogging accessories that keep your blogging life organised? Does anyone have as many notebooks as me? I need to know to make my obsession seem less excessive!

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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  • jenniesisler

    Sophie, I’m with you when it comes to writing out my blog posts. I’ve got so many blank notebooks for this purpose that I’ve lost count. Right now I’m using a Star Wars Moleskine set to keep handwritten copies of my posts, and like yourself I just think better when I write things out. Trying to navigate one of my edited rough drafts requires extensive translations and I sometimes have no clue what I intended. You’re not alone and compared to me you are mildly obsessed.

  • Keely S. (Sarr Trek)

    I’m an avid user of notebooks (and parentheses) too! 🙂 I have standard Moleskines for my creative writing and more over-the-top, pastel-colored, cuter ones for blogging and journaling and everything else. I like the color-coded ink system you have for your post planning; sounds like a great idea!

    • Sophie

      The colour coded pen system was a total accident, I picked up the wrong pen mid task and then just went with it haha. But nice that you have a notebook system for it all x

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