February Playlist

February Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

In any other year I would have had two perfect months actually ending on a Sunday and thus creating the perfect sense of symmetry. Except that I can’t, because it’s a leap year. So happy almost end of the month! You know the drill.

1) Move Your Body – Sia – So Sia released a new album at the end of last month and it was (and still is) INCREDIBLE. I mean I expected nothing less, but I was still floored by it nonetheless. This was my stand out track from it. I listened to it on repeat for a good, long, almost annoyingly long while. It’s a good’un and I have had to refrain multiple times from actually dancing in public…I usually do. It was a close call each time, but I did it.

2) Missing You – All Time Low – This song strikes me every time I hear. It’s beautiful. Sad, but beautiful.

3) Stone Cold – Demi Lovato – Speaking of sad but beautiful songs. Demi Lovato has knocked it out of the park with this one. Her voice, fuck her voice is just amazing. And lyrically this song is flawless. Gonna go cry in a corner about it now.

4) Last Words – Isaac Gracie – I heard this song almost by chance on the radio and instantly fell in love it. So that’s a good sign and here it is.

5) Love in the Dark – Rob Houchen – I know this is an Adele song, but this cover is incredible.

6) All I Ask – Adele – And here is your Adele song. This cropped up in her Carpool Karaoke video and I had forgotten about it in a matter of weeks because I am musically a mess. But then that thing at the Grammys happened and then she went and killed it on Ellen a couple of days later and it was firmly put back on my radar. ‘Give me a memory that I can use’, just leave me in a dark corner.

7) Hallelujah – Panic at the Disco – So Death of a Bachelor entered my life a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It was just on a continual loop all the time. I got through it four times a day just within my commute to and from work. This was actually my second stand out track on the album that was kind of like a sleeper track that I all of a sudden heard for the first time again when I reached some kind of lull in something that meant that I was fully focused on the sounds that were bouncing around in my ears.

8) House of Memories – Panic at the Disco – My second song from this album which was my original stand out. ‘And when your fantasies become your legacy’ just really hit me out of nowhere and made me think damn. I almost always felt a tad sorry for the song before this one because if I was nearing my destination and it came up I would skip to this one because it was the one I wanted in my head while I went about my day. I listened to it on repeat for a long while.

9) Formation – Beyonce – I mean obviously…I’ve listened to Beyonce (the album) a lot this week and this song has been on rotation in my life since it came out at the beginning of the month and since that Superbowl performance.

10) Work – Rihanna – This song has come up in topic of conversation at work (haha) this week a lot. Especially since the video was released, which was discussed in surprising depth. It has definitely grown on me since I first heard it and now I spend about 80% of my time with it in my head.

And that’s my month in music, sort of.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!


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